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5 type of persons you would never want to mess with



Each individual is diverse and has to be coped with different tactic. Emotive Quotient forms a significant characteristic for us to deal with different sorts of people. Normally people mess up with someone as people don’t repel change almost as much as they fight being changed. However, if a supervisor requests team members to assist in finding a solution in spite of compelling a solution on them, there is a much improved chance that teams will accept the change. It’s a delicate difference, but one that can make a remarkable alteration and lead to much more constructive results. 5 people with whom I think to mess up with are


These persons keep pilfering for each and everything preliminary from resource to them to the answer and methods. They can never be gratified with anything. Some people of this kind do an outstanding job, cribbing is just a routine. These cribs should just be unnoticed. By scrutinizing through their cribs, lot of beneficial facts could be obtained but it again depends sometimes cribs can discourage us in doing any work and as these people always try to find out negative qualities we may also start thinking negative which many affect us in our personal and professional life. For instance, a relative cribbing you about your academic score, if you mess up with them by arguing with them, can make you work more hard or you may feel that you cannot study and you stop doing hard work which were doing earlier due to which the results can go worst making your life more worse.

Childish youth

These people are yet to have professional and social mellowness. Mostly people who come out of college have these physiognomies. They have not yet learnt to take obligation. These people will need full support and supervision for quite some time a fore they can be confidential with any roles or responsibility. These people can be experienced in any professional environment and never mess up with them because they are pretty over confident and they think whatever they do is correct. It will be hard for them to grip the gravity of the tasks they are involved, unless it is imparted into them regularly. This be subject to a lot of the kind of nurture and family/friend environment. I try to never mess up with them because they do not try to learn and do whatever they want making us waste our time for work. Try to teach them but do not mess up with them.

Senior Citizen

In our personal life, we often meet a lot of people around be in our home or outside home. I avoid messing up with them because as they grow old, they start behaving childish, they start asking for things which is not good for them. They start thinking that whatever they say is correct for others because of their experience but they often forget that the situations might not be same. I respect them a lot but try to avoid arguing with them especially with old people who do not like to change themselves with time and are orthodox. There is no meaning in messing up with them because they will never understand what we go through and change themselves accordingly and we cannot change up to their expectations and this continues. So better not argue with them, do not hurt them with your harsh words but no need of messing up with them because we will have to pay for it if they take it to heart and get any health issues because of that.


I think hundred times before messing up with silent person as we are not sure what is in their minds, how they will react. A person who is very talkative, we can still try to talk to them and solve the problem but in case of a quiet person, we don’t know if they react immediately or keep a grudge on you which can affect you worse in future. Sometimes they are very good performers but then you cannot assess them as they do not overcome, they stay silent and do their work. They can be weird at times if you talk to them normally also. If there is almost no communiqué it makes it tough to take the next stage. They may be great competitor to you or digging a grave for you also to stop you from attaining success. And make an effort to avoid them if you are not sure if they are really silent or only with you as they don’t want to speak with you. They can be dangerous to your profession and personal life so think about it.

Negative thinking

Most people find it at ease to think in a negative way than in a positive mode. It looks as if some struggle is needed to think positive, whereas negative thought comes effortlessly and unsolicited. This is because of the edification and the surroundings one has been living in. These people can never be encouraged and will never allow you to grow in future.  If you have been fetched up in a contented and positive air, where people give importance to achievement and self-improvement, then it will be relaxed for you to think positive and presume success. If you have been brought up under difficult situations, you will perhaps go on supposing difficulties and failure always for themselves and others also. So even if you try to do something good for them, they may take it otherwise. They might think that you don’t want them to grow and want to drag them down from getting success and they can do the same thing to you. Never mess up with them as that may affect your professional and personal life in many ways. For instance, a person who is facing personal issues and is a negative thinker who thinks that he cannot solve his issue will never listen to you and that may have negative impact on you as well.





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