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5 top Wines in world which you need to taste before dying


“God can’t be everywhere to give us happiness that’s why he gave us Wine” , said by one of the anonymous person. Wine has a very prominent role in the world’s history. It is even mentioned in Bible. The wine was said to be invented many centuries back and has been used by stress buster irrespective of ages and gender. Once the Alcohol took over Wine has lost its Charisma. Still, a old wine bottle is every man’s favorite. The wine is made from fermented fruits like Grapes and other citrus fruits. These fruits are fermented by yeast bacteria to form wine. Wine is still the top drink in official meetings and in many international summits. So, here is an exclusive information of 5 top wines in the world which every Wine lover should taste before dying. You should tell us whether god has given you the right gift or not.

5) Sutter Home – Red Blend

Producing country : United States

Introduced back in 1970’s this brand hasn’t took much time to be the best Wine brand in US. The Sutter home is a brand which constantly experiments with flavors in accordance to the customers choice and taste. One such outcome of those experiments is Red Blend. This is one of the highest selling wines in US and has been appreciated by many people in the world. The Red Blend is a blending of Zinfandel and Merlot . This one is undoubtedly crowd pleaser.


4) Robert Mondavi 

Producing Country : United States

The woodbridge wine is the best in class. It is made fermented at extreme careful conditions where the yeast doesn’t lose their nature neither a bit. The Robert Mondavi wine is made into the list of Focus brands in United States. This wine has some addon formula which is unknown. This addon to the Wine is said to give the smoothness and sharp taste which you could never forget in your life.

3) Concha Y Toro – Casillera dei Diablo 

Producing country : Chile

This wine is the most admired wine across the South American continent. Well how it would be the if Wine  is little spice and has that little honey taste. No doubt you would ask for one more isn’t it. This wine tastes the same. It is reported that Wine produced by this brand is atleast 7 years old. The aroma will be not that pungent as some oils of flowers were added in this wine which would give you pleasing smell.

2) Gallo 

Producing Country : United states

This wine is seen in mostly all big shot parties and one bottle price is very high than your expectations. The wine is atleast 10 years old. People who has tasted Gallo wine say that every drop feels like some elixir which make them forget the world.

1) Bare Foot DOC Prosecco 

Producing Country : United States

The world’s costliest wine. This wine is sold only sold on pre order. The wine is of 20 years old and is stored in deeper layers of earth. The wine gives you the pleasant taste which is the supreme in the world.

Well, Wine is a European thing but seems like American companies are leading the world. So get the best wine and taste that before going to die. Cheers !!





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