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5 top Indian cities with more divorce petitions applied this year – Breaking survey


Marriage is a institution in our country. It is said that marriage is not meeting of two people but it is meeting of two families. These days the institution is slightly loosing its roots. The partners are trying to be more selfish and independent which are making them to get ego clashes and eventually ending up with a divorce. India has a very less divorce rate when compared to other developing countries in the past years. But these years the scene is being reversed and eventually the divorce rate has been drastically increased. It is estimated that their is 120% increase in divorce cases in India. The most interesting thing is the divorces are also being increased in the states and cities which are marked as the most traditional and cultured cities. Let us have a quick round up


1) Mumbai 

Mumbai tops in the list with divorce cases this year. It is noted that more than 11,000 divorce petitions have been filed officially. Many couples doesn’t want to even leave for 6 months which is a actual cooling period suggested by court. The petitions are mostly from the Middle and above middle class couples and seeking for a mutual divorce. The main reasons for divorce are dissatisfaction with income levels and also some internal family disputes.

2) Delhi 

Delhi was top in the chart from many years. Well this year more than 10,000 petitions have been filed seeking divorce. These figures are official, sources say that the actual figure which includes some panchayats and Lok Adalats would go more higher. Delhi has seen an increase of 12% in the divorce rates. The interesting fact is the divorces are being filed by couples who are below 28 years. The main reason for the divorce are ego clashes and home harassment seeking dowry and some other gifts. The most annoying thing is even some males ave filed cases asking them to protect from home harassment from their wives.

3) Bengaluru 

This IT city of India has seen a drastic increase in divorce petitions. Total petitions filed this year so far is more than 5000 and this is a 120% increase in the petitions when compared to last year. It is even surveyed that many couples were leaving separately without taking divorce. The main reasons for divorce are noted to be extra marital affairs, work pressure and some opinion differences which are ought to be solved.

4) Hyderabad 

Hyderabad is the most developing city in India, seems like even the petition rate is being developed. The total number of petitions files so far in the city are 3,400 which is pretty high compared to last year. The city is considered as one of the rich cultured and heritage city but the figures are shocking. The main reasons for the divorce are being family issues and looking after the spouse parents etc..,

5) Kolkata 

Kolkata has seen a high toll in the petitions filed. It has noticed that 2600 petition were filed this year. The main reasons for divorce are not disclosed but as per the sources the reasons are ego clashes. The survey has unfolded that the reasons for which the petitions are being filed are actually disputes which could be solved. The petitions are mostly seen from educated only.

Well, the Kerala state alone has seen an uplift of 350% in the divorce rates. This state with highest literacy. So should we feel really tensed looking at these figures ?



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