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5 tips to handle your husband


A few years down the line of your marriage, you must be thinking as why did you get married? Well, let me tell you that you are not the first person to think like this. There are many other individuals who have gone through similar phases in life. So read through these guidelines so that you are right on track as far as handling your husband is concerned:

  • Temper: one of the biggest issues that we face is the loss of temper. What should you do if your partner loses temper at the drop of a hat? Well you have to handle it in the right way if you wish to be a part of the relationship or you need to walk out of it. Try to not lose your own temper. When one partner is shouting, the other partner needs to remain calm and composed. If both of you shout then the situation will go out of control. One has to control the situation at all times.


  • Explain to make him understand: don’t try to explain things to your partner when he is angry. He will think that you are not paying attention to his needs and somehow wish to emphasize what you want. But in reality it is exactly the opposite. So let him calm down and explain your viewpoints the next day when he is in a better frame of mind. He will be in a more receptive state and be more willing to understand. T is extremely important that you explain your point of view to your partner after every fight so that there is no communication gap between you two.
Man and woman
Man and woman


  • Is he physically abusive? – At no point in your life should you put up with a physically abusive partner. In case he ever hits you take immediate action. Let him know very sternly that you are not comfortable with it and that you will walk out of the relationship if it ever happens again. If there is a repeat scenario then WALK OUT. Don’t even think for once or believe him when he says that it will not be repeated again. People who are abusive tend to say such things but we all know that we cannot change the characteristic of a person. It does not happen that easily.


  • Does he cause mental stress? – if the answer to this question is yes, you need to consult a good psychologist immediately. Often it happens that we fail to understand that we are causing emotional stress to our partner by what we have said or what we have done. This needs to be communicated to your partner if you wish to make the relationship better. Emotional abuse is also an abuse and can be quite serious in nature.


  • Counseling: in case your partner is not physically or emotionally abusive, but you are still unable to make him understand your point of view, or he refuses to co-operate then you need to go for joint counseling. As per research counseling has more often than not has helped to improve a relationship. Don’t shy away from counseling therapies – the results are many and very beneficial.



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