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5 Things you should never do in office.


5 Things you should never do in an office.

There are certain ethics which should strictly be followed at your work areas. If you miss out these small things, it may affect your reputation and sometime you may be fired too.

1.Tittle-tattle:Who has an extra marital affair, or whomsoever is seeing someone is none of your concern. Being social is good but never indulge in things like spreading or entertaining gossips.

Do your own work. Its a way too bad to indulge in someone’s life and publicize it in-front of others.

downton gossip

2.Using Profanity:Even if you are angry, don’t use abusive language. If you do it’ll spoil your own reputation. Bad language creates a bad image of yours amongst people. Never ever abuse anyone for any reason. You never know when your spoken words can drag you into conflicts.

3.Disclosing your wild crazy night: So last night you went out and had the time of your life.Went to all the best bars and night clubs, and you met the most amazing girl (or guy). You woke up at your friend’s house just in time for work, barely able to remember what happened for the latter half of the evening.

That’s your business. But it’s probably not something you should share with the rest of the office.

Keep your personal life away from your professional life.

4.Flirting: Sharing jokes and being humorous is good but flirting is dangerous act. Its against the social etiquettes. Don’t even think of it, Respect your colleagues and maintain a friendly relation.

5.Laziness: It takes u nowhere. Being lethargic and delaying works will land you into troubles. If you are allotted with a task, complete it as soon as possible.

Crossing the deadlines and showing lack of potential in doing work can lead to losing of trust from your employer sometime even losing the job.



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