5 Things you had no Idea that your Android Phone could do


Most of them have an Android device which they really love it. There are many things to love about Google’s mobile OS. Google allows third-party applications to use most of the features and tools to towards greater functionality. However, there are certain features that does not require a third-party application. Here are such features that your Android phone has that you might have not thought about about:


5.  Know your battery status:

Do you own a Samsung phone? Ever thought that you could check your interior workings of battery?

Here’s how you can do it: Just dial *#0228# from your Samsung Android phone and a screen appears as shown in the image displaying your battery performance and status.


4.  Google Voice Search:

Your Android device wants to assist you and is eagerly waiting on the word you speak. Click on the microphone icon in Google search bar or you can simply say “OK Google”. You will be able to send SMS (Say: Text John I’ll be there at 5), e-mail (Say: E-mail Joey movie at your place?), Find about traffic (Say: Do I need an Umbrella today), or simply ask any question.

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3.  Accessing tabs in Google Chrome which is open on your other devices:


To use this feature, you’re required to Sign-in to Google Chrome on your Android device and also on other devices, so that you will be able to access all the open tabs from your Android device through other devices which you are logged in. All you need to do is click on “Other Devices” form menu or you can click on “New Tab Page” (Alternatively, click on folder icon at the bottom-right-hand corner) and you’re goo to go!

One more additional feature is in case you want to read the content offline or you wish to read the webpage where there is no network service, you can download Chrome to Mobile Extension so that you can send an offline version of a specific page on website into your phone which you want to read.


2.  Convert your images and recordings into a movie:

This feature is supportable only on Android 4.3 or higher version. You will be able to create short films by editing together the images and videos which is stored in your device. All you need to do is open Google+ Application — Go to settings —Turn on Auto Backup. Now All the images and videos that you capture with your phone will be saved in private folder of Google+. Now click on Small Video Camera Icon on the top of “Photos” section — Select the images you like to convert it into movie, Change the style, theme and background music.

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Sit back as Google will do the remaining work for you.


1.  Swipe & Type:

This feature will allow you to type messages simply by dragging your from one alphabet to another. This is very much convenient in case if you have just one hand to spare. This feature is available though Google Keyboard from Play Store.