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5 things to do if someone ‘Betrayed’ you


Love can be a bitter-sweet-revengeful thing and it can make you see emotions that you might never have imagined. Here are 5 things to do if someone ‘betrayed’ you, and yes, this is not my personal opinion but told to me by a very experienced friend-

1) Vent out the anger


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O.K, first of all, this in no way means that you have to fight with unknown people for no reason or become ‘Radhe’ from the movie ‘Tere Naam’. Nor it means that you have to cry the whole time and sit in a corner of your room with sad songs tuned high up.  It is natural to be upset or angry when someone you trusted with your life, cheats or breaks your heart. Therefore, to vent out the anger residing inside, go to a secluded place and shout your heart out. Moreover, confide in your feelings to your best friend- you will feel good and even get a goody hug from them.

2) Take your time

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Time heals everything is the dialogue that everyone sticks onto your face. The reality is that it is True! So just take your time to overcome from the setback and please, don’t see the person for a while. Either it would turn into a ruckus or you would give a second chance to them for betrayal.

3) If honest, then value it

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Honest partners are few in the world. You might seem to find people in love and think that it is reality, but behind the silhouette their might be a truth that is unknown and deeply hidden. So if your partner confides in you and tell the truth, then value it. Of course, take a decision to stay or not because at the very end, you were betrayed. It is your right to feel offended and even leave them for the better.

4) If you want, give them a chance

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Yes, there are numerous people in this world who are ‘hungry for love’ and if you are one of them then, give them a chance for proving themselves. If there is no forgiveness, then the world would be all about grudges. So giving out a chance seems to be more humanly nature but beware- Stay cautious this time. After all, a broken heart when fixed and again broken hurts more than you can imagine!



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