5 things that you can do for your sister on this rakshabandhan


Buying each other gifts is an old tradition. But i think there can be better things that we can actually do. Buying gifts is one thing but there can be many more surprises which can bring excitement. So, if you are confused about your sibling’s rakshabandhan gift this might be helpful.

1. Take your siblings for a vacation.

Usually we people have lesser time to spend with our siblings these dats. Many of us live away from home, then we have meetings, work , college, school and what not. Rakshabandhan comes once in a year and this time its on a weekend. You might just go on a short weekend vacation. A night or 2 with your crazy siblings would be fun. You can spend a very good time and at the same time use this ocassion in a better way.

2. Go on a shopping spree.

And now this one is for sisters. You might go on a girly shopping spree. There is nothing better than shopping with sisters. A whole day dedicated to your sister is all you need to do to make the day memorable. Sneak out after the family lunch amd spend a good time together may be in a salon or in a mall.

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3. Go to some amusement park.

Remember how we used to swing on various rides during our childhood. Wouldn’t it be amazing to recollect those memories and enjoy with your siblings. You might visit the children’s park where you used to go as kids and remember all the crazy stuff. Doesn’t it sound exciting? We have done so many of those rakshabandhan ceremonies. I think its time to make the day memorable by recollecting memories and being with your siblings all day.

4. Surprise your siblings with their favorite things.

You are the person who knows the most about your brother or sister. You might gift each other expensive things but gifting the stuff that your sibling can die for is just something very cute. You might buy them their favorite candies or might return their clothes or you might buy them their favorite food or may be their favorite music cd’s or a pendrive full of their favorite songs or may be a basket full of their favorite chocolates.

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5. A memory lane

Most of us plan surprises for our friend’s birthdays. Why not do it for our siblings on this dedicated day. You might collect all your childhood pictures, videos and things like that and create a video or may be a photo album with many blackmailing secrets may be. This would be the best and the most memorable gift i must say.
Let’s celebrate this rakshabandhan in a new way and add more colors to it. 🙂