5 things that should be banned in India but aren’t


Disclaimer: Modi supporters, don’t read this because you are not going to like it.

We have all been a witness and a victim to the surge of innumerable bans that the new “beloved” Government is imposing on us. From “India’s Daughter” to Maggi to Porn, the government seems to ban everything that is liked or preferred by the masses. Mr. Modi is hunting down every single thing that gives us happiness/joy.

Mr. Moody (since everything in this country depends on his mood now) is following Hitler’s trail in the name of development. Kalyug has already arrived and modern-day Hitler will arrive soon. First, I would like to list the things which have been banned under Mr. Moody:

Pornography, Maggi, the BBC documentary titled “India’s daughter”, Beef, several movies (like 50 Shades of Grey, Paanch, Fire, Kaaum De Heere, Dirty Politics, Mastizaade, etc.), Homosexuality/unnatural sex, the word “lesbian”, bikinis in Goa, and the infamous AIB roast, to name a few.

Instead of imposing unnecessary bans if Mr. PM spends even 1/3rd of his time that he spent on banning things, on some serious issues then he would have less haters and India would prosper. If only it were that easy!

Here is a list of things that requires more attention than the unnecessary bans imposed:

1. Tobacco and Cigarettes 

Image source: http://images.indianexpress.com/2015/03/topbaco.jpg

The real cause of most of the health problems that Indians face is tobacco. However, the government is too busy cribbing about the minimal extra lead content in Maggi that, according to Mr. Moody, is more lethal than tobacco. So much for intelligence, Mr. PM!

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People have died because of Maggi not tobacco. Haven’t they?

We are such fools that we think that consuming tobacco is harmful. We couldn’t see that foreign noodles are more harmful. Shame on us!


2. Spitting/peeing in public

The new government seems to be worried about hygiene and sanitation facilities in India but everything is not what it seems. Is it? The government is not okay when a girl wears short clothes. The government is not okay when people war bikinis on beaches. The government is not okay when a lingerie clad mannequin is put up in Mumbai. But the government is okay when people pee or spit on roads. The government is okay when males shamelessly pee publicly and everyone can see their private parts. *I am not using the exact word, otherwise the government might ban me, too*. The government is okay when males roam around on the beaches in their boxers or underwear, not even swimming costumes or shorts.

I say if government can ban bikini for being too revealing then it can also ban peeing in public for being completely revealing. But the question is: Will it?


3. Item numbers 

Image source: http://drop.ndtv.com/albums/ENTERTAINMENT/decade-item-songs/mainimage.jpg

The government didn’t hesitate even a bit before banning BBC’s documentary “India’s daughter” based on the Delhi Rape case. Then what is beyond my understanding is that why doesn’t the government impose bans on item numbers?

The logic that the government gave for banning the documentary was that it portrayed a wrong image of India. That it was meant to defame India. But, my dear government, would you be kind enough to consider the actual causes of defamation of our country?

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Item numbers objectify women. Today, even the kids sing item songs on the top of their voices. If the kids are taught to objectify women around them then we can only imagine the horror of them growing up. Those songs are not only promoted, they are used in every occasion possible. From marriage to funerals, item numbers have made their way in everything we can imagine. Thanks to Mr. Honey Singh!

If the government really wants to stop India’s defamation then it should ban item songs.


4. Moral policing 

image source: http://feministsindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/moral-policing-in-kerala-400×225.jpg

India is infamous for its moral policing. In the name of preserving Indian culture, we are subject to several instances of moral policing. The most common instance is the Valentine’s day celebration. Even if two people are meeting to discuss something important on February 14, they will be viewed as a threat to Indian culture (yes, that culture that taught the world the concept of Kamasutra).  And, they are thrown in jail or beaten up. That is not just limited to Valentine’s day. We come across so many instances where couples are beaten up or publicly ridiculed simply for holding hands or kissing in public.

Wikipedia has stated many examples and the latest ones are: 1.  “A restaurant was attacked in Kozhikode city on 23 October, 2014 because they permitted college students to come in pairs and to have coffee. The attack followed a news bulletin of a Malayalam news channel that raised an allegation that couples were given a lot of privacy in the parking lot of the restaurant. They suspected that people came to the restaurant for holding hands or for kissing.”

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2. “In July, 2015, a married couple were brutality attacked by a group of moral police (local Communist Party leaders) claiming they were unmarried in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.<http://www.thenewsminute.com/article/cpim-local-leader-arrested-moral-police-attack-journalist-and-husband-32216> Luckily police could arrive in time and the couple were saved from a murderous assault.”

The government would never ban this, since it cannot function without the leader of moral policing, RSS.


5. Marital Rapes 

Image source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2015/4/maritalrape1.jpg

Under section 377, the government has banned homosexuality, unnatural  sex (as if it’s a term) and consensual sex between the people of the same-sex.

If homosexuality is wrong then I don’t know the definition of right.

However, I do know that marital rapes are the worst of all. The government has banned consensual sex but what about forced sex? Most of the women in India fall prey to marital rapes especially young girls who are forced to marry a stranger.

If the government need something on their list to ban, it should be marital rapes.

The rules for married women are very rigid but change has to start. It better start now.