5 things that make my Teacher my Hero


Teachers are the light to our path to success. They are the one’s who help, guide and support us throughout our life and struggle. Their words are just enough to know which way is better. They have special powers to enlighten our path. Here is a list of 5 things that make my teacher my hero:

1. They know all our weaknesses and yet support us.

All the teachers know the weaknesses of their students. But they never leave you like that. They guide you, support you and help you overcome your weaknesses. Nobody else does that. They walk you out of the mess you you put yourself in with their guidance. They are the one’s whose main focus is to bring out the best from you. They never laugh at your weak points, they make them strong with their helping hand.

2. They tell you your mistakes.

Nobody tells you your fault directly. Nobody wants to have a bad image in fromt of you. But your teacher is the one who tells you your mistakes with no fear of criticism that you might offer them after they tell you your flaws. They might point you out in the crowd and tell you to walk straight. You might feel embarrased but at that very time, you learn. Teachers would never defend you for your flaws but they’ll always try to save you from the harm that those flaws might do to you.

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3. They bring out the best from you.

Many of us were offended when our teachers forced us to participate in various competitions in school. But now when i think of it, i realize that all the confidence that i’ve gained yet is because of those little little things that my teachers put me in. They always try to bring out the best from you. They want all their students to be good. They secretly plan their moves to get you out of your comfort zone.

4. They make you independent.

Your parents might help you when you are in trouble but a teacher always tells you the right path and leaves the rest on you.they help you find ways. They do not walk you to the door, they show you the way to the door. They might know the answers to many questions but they prefer leaving the answers on you. They make you independent.

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5. Their teachings are timeless.

You might finish your school, your college and may be your studies but some teachings of life just remain with you forever. You remember their scoldings throughout your life and all the lessons that they have taught. You might forget the history of India but you’ll never forget the mini lessons of life that you learnt while you were in school.
Happy teacher’s day to all the lovely teachers. Thank you for everything!