5 things that Indian relatives need to stop


If your relatives are the main irritating element in your life, you are in India. Indian relatives a tendency to irritate you especially if you are a teenager or an eligible bachelor. They might be very sweet to you at times but you will never know how they make you the highlight of the discussion. They seriously need to change a few things and stop being a pain for people.

1. “You should marry” advises

“Oh! so you have completed your graduation.Have you met Sharma uncle’s son?” Such type of questions are really very annoying. Your relatives would never think about your plans. Your marriage is their ultimate aim. They would start with your studies and further plan and suddenly you are in a middle of “you should marry” situation. They would appreciate your study plans and then ruin it by talking about marriage. Sometimes you feel like saying,” Dude, I’m twenty.Give me a break!” on their face.

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2. Boasting about their kids

Some relatives keep talking about their kids whenever they meet your parents. They would talk about their good grades and boast about their kid’s skills. The funniest part is to hear that their kids are the most innocent and you know the truth already. Cousins are usually frank and you know all their secret stories but your aunt won’t stop appreciating their kids for their innocence .

3. Career counselling

Most of the relatives in India are free career counselors. You do not need to ask for advises, they come to you on their own. They would give you their opinion and even force you to take their advises. Then, the examples of their kids, the kids of their son, the kids of sharma aunty, the kids of their neighbor never end. They keep convincing you to take their advise and choose the option they think is good. They become better judges of your skills and interest. If you have already made your choices, your relatives are the best critics. They might start with the good points but the discussion always ends like, “chalo theek hai beta ab jo aapki marzi.”

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4. being judgmental

Indian relatives are the most judgmental species alive(pun intended). No matter what they are going to judge you may be for your dressing sense, friends or your attitude. They have the tendency to look at things in the most suspicious way possible. “i say your son with a girl yesterday.” She might be a friend, but they would take it to marriage. You would not even notice what went wrong, but they will come up with gossips like,” did you see her dress?”, “she didn’t even wish me properly. She has got an ego problem.” etc.

5. Asking your grades

You might not have seen or talked to your relatives for years. They might have never wished you on your birthdays. But they are the one’s to call you on the day of your academic results. You would not even recognize their phone numbers. And if their kids have got better grades, you must brace yourself for sugar-coated taunts. They would start telling your mom about how their kids studied and got good grades. Even if for once your mom decides not to scold you, relatives are the ones to trigger your mom’s anger. You end up listening to things like, “dekha unke bache kitne ache hai.”