5 things that every teenager has done atleast once


Teenage is the most adventurous age i must say. You do things childishly and realize it afterwards. You always come up with brilliant solutions to every problem and you have the best alternatives. Being an Indian, you might have done things,made plans and strategies because of the restrictions at home.

1. Going to a friend’s house for studying.

And now this statement itself is an irony. Nobody can ever study with friends. The only difference between chatting and studying in this case is that you chat with your books open. Usually most of the Indian moms welcome the kids very well when she gets to know that it is a study meet. We all have had snacks at our friends place when aunty comes and says,”beta kab se padh re ho, ab kuch kha lo.”

2. Decreasing the phone’s brightness and volume at night.

Most of us have managed texting inside the blanket with dim screen light and no volume at all. When you hear your mom’s footsteps, phone is kept with the screen facing the bed. Parents usually tell us to sleep early for onvious reasons but almost all of us managed to extend the sleeping time.

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3. Had long tuition tests.

Tuitions have always been the best escaping idea. Most of the kids bunk tuitions and go on outings with friends. Although the time of the outing and fun had to be restricted because of the tuition timings but it was an adventure altogether. And after you go back home from tuitions, you get proper snacks and time to rest. Also, then you manage to sneak out during the weekends just because you were regular in your studies. 😉

4. Not taking tifins to school.

Taking lunch boxes to school didn’t seem cool. Most of us have accidently forgot 😉 taking lunch boxes to school. It was more fun to eat in the canteens. Although most of the times we missed mom’s food but ‘the swag’ was more important.

5. Caught damaging school property.

None of us liked school at that time. We loved to write on desks, walls and where not. We tried to make benches more comfortable by lossening a screw. ( for a friend to sit on). Many of us have tried using fevicol or fevistick on the bench seat, considering that the person might not be able to get up.
All such things sound very funny after you leave your school. But before that these were the coolest things one could ever do.