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5 things that define a real “MARD”


We live in a society where we are taught that men and women are equal.It is written in our textbooks that both men and women share equal rights and they both deserve equal respect.But,how may of us imply this in our real lives?There are only a few people who follow these teachings.Almost every other day we come across news of a girl being raped,a girl was murdered due to dowry etc.Nowadays,eve teasing has become a very common thing.The biggest irony in India is that on one hand,men make idols of women like Durga,Kaali,Saraswati etc.and worship them and on the other hand,they rape girls,call them as the “shame”of their family,kill them for dowry,beat them.The government has passed several laws to stop all these atrocities against women but,these are not effective.To stop all these atrocities against women every guy should become a MARD.Mard is the Hindi word for a real man.In our society,boys are taught that a mard is someone who dominates a woman,beats her,asks for heavy dowry etc.But is this kind of guy really a mard?According to me,this kind of guy is not a mard.So,what actually a real mard is?Here 5 things that define a real mard:-

1.A real mard never discriminates


Discrimination between men and women is not new in our society.It is considered that men are the superior gender and this thinking is the key to the atrocities against women.A real mard is someone who never discriminates between a man and a woman.A person who is aware of the fact that if a woman can give birth to him then she can do anything,is known as a real man.He treats a women and men equally and gives them the respect they deserve.

2.A real mard never beats women

In India,we often come across cases of domestic violence.Women are beaten up by men because they are frustrated due to their work or even for dowry.Men are told by their elders that men never cry they make others cry.This what most of the men imply in today’s society.But a real man never beats a women in any situation.He uses his strength and power to protect women from crimes instead of beating them.A man who beats women just to show how manly he is,is just a big coward.But,if a man beats someone who beats women,then he is the real mard.

3.A real mard never cheats his girl

Nowadays,cheating your partner is the most common thing.Most of the men are found cheating on their girls.They think of this as a symbol of manliness and pride.But,all these activities leave emotional scars on the partner who has been cheated.This is the basic difference between a “so-called mard” and a “real mard”.A real mard never cheats his girl.He may have several female friends he may hang out with them,but he never cheats his girl.He understands his girl really well and is always there for her in her bad and good times.Such men are automatically the most attractive men ever because their partners can blindly trust them.

4.A real mard never rapes a girl

Nowadays,we come across the news of a girl being raped almost every other day.This is because of the poor thinking of our society especially such men.They destroy the lives of innocent girls just to fulfill their sexual desires.These man desire to show their manliness by forcing a girl and hence end up destroying the girl’s life.A real mard never even thinks about performing this shameless act.He never even touches a girl without her permission.A real mard should always follow the phrase “her body her rules”.A real mard also has the guts to stop an idiot who is forcing a girl to fulfill his sexual desires.But,unfortunately such men are very less.

5.A real mard never abuses a woman

It has been seen that most of the men abuse their wives.Such men are taught that if they abuse their wives then they will become dominant and hence will be able to become mard.But,what a real mard thinks is completely different.First of all,he never thinks to be dominant.A real man never abuses a woman.He thinks of abusing a woman as a sin.He not only respects his wife,friends,sister and mother but also respects an unknown women too.Hence,a “real mard” is very beautiful as compared to the “so-called mard”.



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