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6 Interesting Facts of Sunny Leone Which Will Make You Respect Her


Do you know what her actual name is ?? It is Karenjit Kaur Vohra.

Sunny Leone, a name that needs very little introduction to the people. This popular celebrity has become a well-known celebrity in Bollywood as well as in the country. There was a time when she was the most searched person on Google from India. These are just some examples to show the craziness about her in our country.

Well, this Indo Canadian is having a successful career in Bollywood but still many people identify her as an “Adult movie Actress”. But there are some facts about her which would increase your respect for her and you would identify her as a better human than an adult movie or Bollywood movie heroine. She does a lot of charity work which is not shown on the news a lot. She does a lot of social activities and social work.

6 unknown facts and good things about Sunny Leone

1) Sunny funds a school in Mumbai

Among many of the social services she does, Sunny Leone also funds a school in Mumbai. Even though the name of the school is not disclosed but according to close sources the school has more than 300 students and Sunny has donated a notable amount for the school and children’s well being. She constantly keeps checking their needs and helps whenever needed.

2) She has adopted an old couple

Sunny Leone is from the Sikh community. Though her parents are both Indians she is referred to as Indo Canadian as she was born and brought up in Canada. She follows Sikh rituals, though her husband is an American. It is said in Sikh religion that serving the elderly and helping them is equal to serving god. Well, we don’t know the actual reason for her adopting an old people pair but she actually did and She is looking after their well being. She’s proof that even celebrities are capable of doing stuff for the betterment of humanity.

3) Sunny has auctioned her Lingerie for Charity 

It was during the pre-release of Jism 2 that news went viral all over the internet that Sunny Leone is auctioning her lingerie for charity purposes. Many have criticized her saying that this is a publicity feat. The reality is the money which she has acquired auctioning her lingerie was donated to a Cancer institute which is an NGO. The entire idea is given by sunny and it helped as a promotion for her movie too. She once also ran a half marathon for a cancer charity.

4) Sunny is a Loyal Wife

Sunny married Daniel after dating him for a year. She is a very good wife and she hasn’t been on news dating any other or hanging around with someone. She always shows her love and gratitude towards him in the media and she never hesitates to shower love on him even in public.

5) She’s an animal lover

To add to the works of charity Sunny Leone, she’s also a supporter of animal rights. She often volunteers to help out abandoned dogs. She is also a supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

6) She also adopted a girl

Sunny adopted an orphan girl from an Orphanage in Maharashtra. According to adoption agency CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), The toddler adopted by actor Sunny Leone had been turned down by 11 prospective parents before she could find a family “Without looking at color, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. We respect that they didn’t try to bend the rules and stood in the queue like all the other parents,” Child Adoption Resource Agency (CARA) told the press.

Well, now change your opinion on her and start looking at her as a good human too.



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