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5 things Pakistani girls think about Indian guys – Which you don’t want to change !


India and Pakistan might have drawn boundaries after the 1947 partition but the independence that unified India has got is a collective effort of both Indians and so called Pakistanis. No wonder Pakistan’s school textbooks has lighter information about Gandhi and Nehru and other prominent leaders who has struggled for freedom. The war kind of climate between the two countries is mainly because of the politics but merely a typical Pakistani doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Indians or India and the same is applicable with Indians too. They love Bollywood movies, they are fans of Ekta kapooor’s serials and they are one of the biggest followers of the  reality shows on Indian television. The culture and traditional differences might set us apart when we look India and Pakistan together but there is some equality in the veins of  both country people which keep us going. Well, here is an interesting thing, we wanted to know what actually Pakistani girls think about Indian guys ? Thanks to social networking, with some common friends we were able to figure out what they feel and the outcome is pretty encouraging to Indian guys.

1) All Indian guys are Brainys !

Ahem Ahem, Thanks to that comment but to be frank we are not that brainys but indeed we are knowledgeable . In the competition to lead the life we sometimes even forget some school level mathematics too but that won’t stop us to apply our knowledge in day to day life which helps us and our country to excel. Indian guys are humorous too and no doubt we enjoy every moment  until it is in our hands (wink)


2) All Indian guys are pro’s in cricket

Yeah we are pro’s in cricket but not in field but in gallis’. This can’t be treated as a hilarious statement as it is a quiet normal question every Indian gets in abroad from a person who knows cricket. Well, girls we would love to cheer our country and we would forget our-self when Sachin is playing but this doesn’t mean that we are experts in cricket. Yes, cricket is in blood of every Indian but recently we have also started to accept other bloods like Badminton and Football.

3) Indian guys are not so handsome but manly

Yeah may be we are not that fair like your country guys but yeah we are manly. The climate in India varies a lot from North to South unlike yours. So we have different colors and we have different cultures. We would like to review your statement again though because if you are in love with Ranbir Kapoor and Sharukh Khan how could you say that Indians are not handsome.

4) Indian guys are very caring and sensitive

Yeah we care about the people and love we love but we are not that sensitive too. We would react harsh when something hurts our family and our country. we are traditional from our child hood and we were taught about the family relations which makes us to be very caring and understanding.!!

5) Indian guys have more than one girl friend

Well, we like that thought of two girl friends (wink) but we are very sorry to say that there are only 926 girls for every 1000 guys in India. We can’t do injustice to other folks and  friends by holding two girl friends. To be frank we won’t mind in fighting with a missile but we were scared to fight with two ladies at a time.

So guys seems like Pakistani girls have very soft edge on Indian guys so its time for us to rebuild the relations between Indians and  Pakistanis.




  1. LOOOL yes that why pakistani girls drool over guys in bollywood films. get over yourself, they love indian actors more than indians, otherwise there wouldnt be so many varun dhawan fangirls getting all hot and bothered in PAk


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