5 things only a DUite can take pride in


1.The never ending campus war

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Though under the same name of DU, the University has prominently been split into North and South Campus. The DUites can never stop feeling good about the campus they fall under. There are altogether different perks for being in either campus-If North campus has SRCC, is The South one far behind with LSR? If South has Satya Niketan, North brags about its celebrated Hudson Lane. If those dapper girls from the North Campus flounce to the streets of Kamla Nagar,the ones from South Campus merrily bargain in Sarojini. Different campuses, equal pride !

2. Fests,food, fun and FAME

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With the fest season creating much hype every year in the coolest University, students are seen revamping their schedules of chilling out in a cafe or restaurant to dancing and getting mesmerized by performances of their favorite  star performers in different college fests. Taking a break from the race of scoring well, students get engaged in proving their fest to be the best and happily crowing about the star visiting their college. Each fest’s success is determined by the management, food and the fun provided. The other two things being taken proper care of, the fame portion takes away the show completely and exhilarates the proud students.

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3. Election perks

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The Delhi University Students Union Elections have always been the awaited part of the year. The election not only brings a new leader to speak on behalf of the students, but also unmatched fun and excitement that students’ college allowance does not usually allow so frequently. Free trips, free meals, free stationary, the volunteers provide with everything to convince and elate students. Repeated attempts are made to coax and cajole the students and in return get their votes.

4. The coolest alumni

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With glorious names like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Anurag Kashyap, Rajat Sharma, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Rekha Bharadwaj and many more, the DU students move with their heads up. “Bhai humaare college ka koi comparison nai hai. Bachchan saahab ke college se hun!” says Ishan Gupta, a student from the legendary college Kirori Mal. Students get their eyes gleamed up when talked of the legendary alumni associated with Delhi University. They feel utmost proud in sharing the stories and hangout places of  those “now famous” people who were once a part of the University. The students are often found to have talking about incidents of their favourite DU alumna with as much zeal as they themselves were present at the time of the incident !

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5. Religious study is a myth

Picture credits- beta.diylol.com
Picture credits- beta.diylol.com

While one may observe their friends in private universities transform into nerdy book worms day by day, it comes as extreme happiness to the DUites that they don’t have the repetitive cycle tests,presentations and model tests altogether. Where everybody in the private universities are worried about their college attendance, attendance is just a matter of 5 marks for DU students !