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5 things one needs to know about IPL Auctions – 2016


IPL auctions, just like every time has surprised us this time too. With lot of excitement and tension the first round of IPL auction is ended and the new players will be playing for almost all the teams. Some teams has emphasized on young talent and some has emphasized on experience. However this IPL auction has not given much surprises like then and there. There are somethings which every cricket fan especially IPL fan should know about this first round of auction. We are sure you will be taken by surprise after knowing this things.

#1. Shane Watson tops with 9.5 crores 

Ever since the IPL season has started their were very less instances that a foreign player getting the top bid in the auction. They were such situations that foreign players were bought at fancy price but that is quiet surprising to see in this auction that a foreign player getting too much bid and almost many franchises has fought for him. RCB is that which has got Watson for 9.5 Crores.

#2. Guptil and Finch were not bought

Surprise ! Surprise !! the two best openers in the T-20 cricket were un-noticed in the auction and no franchise was interested to take these batsman into their squad. Many were taken by surprise to know Guptil and Finch were not not bought. Just to add the list Hashim Amla is also one of them who wasn’t bought by any Franchise.

#3. Its Pawan Negi’s Show – Costliest Indian player

He wouldn’t have even dreamed in his dreams that he would be bought at record breaking prize of 8.5 crores. Delhi has shown keen interest in getting this spinner into their squad and competed to get him. Pawan is one of those players who got selected for world T20 India squad. Many cricket fans doesn’t know his names and were shocked to know that he is the most expensive Indian player. Many even has started cracking jokes on Delhi Franchise. Let us see that Delhi has made a right decision or not with his show in T20.

#4. Gujarat and Pune in the show 

The two new franchises which has replaced the controversial Chennai and Rajasthan franchise has shown their mark in the auction by buying only valuable players and all rounders. Unlike to those old two franchise which are known for experimenting with players these franchise were very slow and smartly picked the best players who could be match winners. Pune has taken the hard hitter Peter Kevinson and bowler Ishant Sharma where as Gujarat’s Rajkot team has taken the fast bowler Dale Steyn just to make their pace attack much attacking.

#5. ‘Dare’Devil Delhi

Delhi has really gone a step forward this time. It hasn’t got any known players for the top amount. It paid pawan Negi 8.5 crores and Morris 7 crores who’s base price is 30 lakhs. Surprisingly in the uncapped version auction it has got karun Nair for 4 crores who’s base price is 10 lakhs. Delhi has paid 40 times to the base pay of 10 lakhs.

So this is it !! some surprise and some twists in the IPL auction tale. Let us see what all surprises are packed in the game.



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