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5 things one can learn from Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni(33) is the captain of the Indian One Day International(ODI) and t20 Cricket downloadteam.He is also the former captain of the Indian Test Cricket team.Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a right-handed batsman who plays in the middle order and is also the wicket-keeper of the Indian Cricket team.He is considered as the best captain the Indian Cricket Team ever had.He is a perfect example of how a leader should be and how a person should handle a task in order to become successful.Due to the way Mahendra Singh Dhoni handles pressures,he is also known as the “Captain Cool”.The following are the few qualities one can learn from Mahendra Singh Dhoni in order to become successful in his life:-

1.Pressure management

If someone wants learn how to manage himself or his team in pressure situations,then he should surely watch how Mahendra Singh Dhoni does that.Dhoni stays calm whatever the situation may be.He never lets his expressions expose his thoughts.Managing pressure is the biggest gift one can ever have.Mahendra Singh Dhoni always stays calm and composed and therefore is easily able to handle the pressure.,This ability of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the first step towards being successful in your personal and professional life.

2.Leading from the front

The most important quality required in a successful person especially a leader is that he leads from the front.It has been seen in several matches that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has the ability to take up the responsibilities whenever his team needs him the most.During the final of the 2011 ICC World Cup,when India lost early wickets against Sri Lanka,Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself came to bat instead of sending Yuvraj Singh for the same,and played till the end and hence,India won that edition of the World Cup.This the quality that one must learn from Dhoni.Everyone has such an expectation from the leader that in the times of crisis he will lead them and fetch them sucess.This quality is very crucial in differentiating a successful person from an unsuccessful one.

3.Taking measured risks

In order to become successful, a person must take some measured risks.If a person chooses a path without risks then it would not make him different from the rest of the people.The basic difference between a common man and a successful man is that the successful man has the ability to take measured risks.Mahendra Singh Dhoni is well-known for taking such risks.It has been observed on many occasions that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a master at taking measured risks.It is due to his risks that India got the 2007 t20 World Cup trophy,2011 World Cup trophy and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.In the 2007 t20 World Cup final if we would have not taken the risk of giving the last over to Joginder Sharma,the scenario today would have been completely different.Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a perfect example of how a person should take measured risks.

4.Accepting your mistakes

The quality to accept one’s mistakes is the most rare quality and is only found in the successful people.Accepting the mistakes you made is the most courageous task.It easy to make a mistake and convince others that you haven’t made a mistake or it was not your fault,but.on the other hand it takes a very brave person to admit the mistake he made.This quality surely differs a successful from the rest of the world.Mahendra Singh Dhoni has got the courage to admit the mistakes made by him that led to the defeat of the team.It has been seen in several international and IPL matches that Mahendra Singh Dhoni accepts his mistakes in his team’s failures.This quality must be opted by everyone in order to become a good human being as well as a successful one.

5.Helping others to rise

The major difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is that a successful person always helps his colleagues to rise in their respective work,while,an unsuccessful person thinks of reaching the top by pulling others down.A person who helps others to rise not only earns success but he also earns their respect and love.Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always helped other players to rise in their game.When  the teammates of Mahendra Singh Dhoni are out of form he is always there to help them.Dhoni ensures them that whether they play good or bad they will stay in the team and Dhoni won’t make them a 12th man.Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been criticized a lot for backing the players who are out of form but,it is only because of the captain’s helping hand that the players are again able to stand strong.Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently doing the same thing with Ravindra Jadeja who has been out of form since a long time.One must learn this quality from Mahendra Singh Dhoni in order to become a great leader and a successful person.




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