5 things everyone should know about ISIS


The world is apparently terrorized by the Islāmic State of Iraq and Syria, popularly known as ISIS. It is sometimes also referred to as the Islāmic State of Iraq and ash-Sham, ISIL ( Islāmic State of Iraq and the Levant) or just the Islamic state. This group has shaken the very core of the world. It started off as a splinter from the Al Qaeda group. In 2014, it became a self-proclaimed worldwide caliphate. It is a concept wherein the whole world runs under one government. It was officially declared by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ,who is the caliph.

1. What is ISIS?


It is a Salafi-jihadi extremist group which comprises of Sunni Muslims from all parts of the world. The United Nations calls it a terrorist group. More than 60 countries are against ISIS and they are preparing themselves for a war to come with this militant group.

This group believes in violent jihad and considers itself responsible to unite and rule all the Muslims around the world.


2. The origin 

Its origins can be dated back to 2002. It started off with al-Qaeda and the latter disowned it in 2014. During the Second Gulf War of 2003, the US government formed a coalition with many other nations and invaded Iraq and subsequently overthrew its dictator, Saddam Hussein. And, al-Qaeda was among the groups fighting against the invasion. It was initially based in Iraq but later on extended to Syria, too when the civil war started there. Hence, the name.

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3. Ideology 

This group has its own interpretation of Islam which is really very extreme. It believes in violence and those who do not comply with its beliefs or tend to disagree are seen as apostates (someone who has abandoned his/her religion).

Its ideology can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. It believes that it is responsible to restore the “Khalifat” or caliphate of Muslims which was there during the Ottoman rule.  The caliph is supposed to be the successor to Muhammad.

It believes in worldwide capital punishment. It follows Saudi Wahhabi traditions and practices.

It emphasizes on eschatology (a study on final assessment of humanity by God) and apocalypticism (a belief that the world will end soon). It is ready for a religious war and it believes that it will defeat Rome, Christianity to be precise, in the city of Dabiq, where Mahdi (a leader who will rule for many years before the Day of Judgement that is the final assessment) will take over and the prophecy would be fulfilled.

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4. Ownership

It owns almost half of Syria and Iraq. It has divided its claimed lands into provinces called “Wilayah”. It has official branches in Egypt(Sinai Peninsula),  Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and the North Caucasus. It has extended its territory to Libya and Sinai. It has its members all over the world especially in Islam-dominant countries.

Many militant groups across the world have pledged allegiance to ISIS.


5. Cruelty and atrocities 

Image source: http://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/is-3.jpg

ISIS hates religious minorities and has inflicted such brutal treatments on them that it has succeeded in being deemed as a terrorist organization. It has inculcated fear in the deepest bones of our bodies. Even many Islamic groups do not support its ideology. The people associated with it are Muslim fanatics. They leaked a video wherein they had broadcast beheading of several people. Their choice of punishment is too violent and brutal. They hate the very concept of humanity.

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They abduct, rape, kill, behead, and inflict whatever atrocity one can think of and they even go far beyond that.

They are the biggest threat to humanity today.

They have declared an open war against the whole world.

It would not be longer when they decide to burn down the whole world to eventually turn out to be the ultimate rulers.


Moreover, they have a lot of money. They have taken over almost all the oil fields in Iraq ans Syria.

If something is not about this crisis, we will be witnessing a worldwide massacre soon.