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5 Things Every Couple Should Talk About Before Getting Married 


Marriage is an exciting journey and is something that many couples work towards. It signifies life-long commitment and love, both fundamental aspects of a relationship. 

However, as exciting as it can be, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly. Before tying the knot in a legal arrangement, you both need to understand one another. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at just five things every couple should talk about before getting married. 

Let’s get started. 


Money definitely isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it is necessary. Many couples divorce because of financial issues, so you and your partner should be on the same page regarding spending habits and debt. 

Discuss a budget, consider upcoming costs, and have a plan in place to manage your finances. The more organized you are, the better. 

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Household Responsibilities  

Alongside finances, another area that causes a lot of conflicts is household responsibilities. It might sound strange to talk about chores, but you would be surprised at how critical our home expectations are. 

Of course, there will always be times when someone may forget to take out the trash or put on a load of washing. But it’s still worth a discussion. Otherwise, you might resent the fact that it all falls on your shoulders. 


Having children is something that most people discuss before marriage. However, it’s a conversation that should be revisited regularly. 

We aren’t just talking about whether you want to become parents either. You might like to have an idea of parenting styles and where both of you wish to be in life before starting a family. 


Couples shouldn’t have secrets. Even if you think they are buried, you can never guarantee that they won’t emerge and cause problems later on down the track. 

While you don’t need to explain everything that has happened in your life, major issues should be addressed upfront. This could include family disagreements, health concerns, criminal activity, and previous addictions. 

Future Goals 

Finally, another area to discuss is your life goals. We all have different thoughts about our future, and you can’t always guarantee that your loved one shares those interests. 

For instance, there may be some places you wish to travel before having kids and settling down. You may also want to change careers, study abroad, or move interstate. These are all things that can directly impact your partner’s life too. 

Final Words 

While bringing up many of these topics can seem daunting and overwhelming, it’s important to remember that it is necessary. The more you learn about each other, the easier it will be to establish whether or not you are ready to take things to the next level.  

Who knows, you might find you are more compatible than you think! 



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