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5 Tests Couples Should Take Before Marriage And Why


There is a proverb that suits the couple who are planning for babies. The following proverb is ”Precaution is better than cure”. Medications are better than staying prepared for diseases. In the case of the final stage of disease, medications fail too. This is why some tests are essential before getting married. The most significant function of the Indian family is marriage. There is excitement in the couple’s marriage, forthcoming, etc. After marriage, when many couples get such problems during pregnancy, all enthusiasm of the previous turns into sadness. 

Once marriage fix, the. The family starts to match the horoscope with the help of an astrologer. But this is not enough for living a happy and healthy married life. So, both astrology and science are in their place. You will need to enjoy a happy married life. In the following article, you will get to know about five tests that must be done before marriage. 

Infertility Test: 

This test must be done before marriage. If you are planning to have babies, then you should have an infertility test. Before starting or thinking about family, this test will help you reveal the truth. According to this test, you will get to know about sperm count and the health of the reproductive organs. If it comes positive, then it is okay, but in the case of negative, then you can have problems conceiving babies. So before it’s too late, you must go with this test before marriage. 

STD Test:

Here, STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. So, doing this test will reveal sexually transmitted diseases. As we know, there are so many diseases that get transmitted sexually. Some of these diseases are not curable. Before marriage, it has become common to have romantic relationships. So you can do an STD test before marrying your life partner. This test will reveal diseases like HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis C, and herpes.

Blood Group Compatibility Test: 

Every couple should go with a blood group compatibility test before marriage. If you prioritise matching Kundali, then above, this test is more critical than that kundali test. By doing this test, one would be able to know about the Rh factor. Every couple should have the same Rh factor to conceive a perfect baby without any defects. If it does not match, then you can have problems in your pregnancy. This will affect your child the most. In case of mismatching, a baby’s blood cells can be destroyed through the antibodies present in the blood of a pregnant woman. 

Genetically Transmitted Conditions Test: 

Some diseases are transmitted genetically. If one gets to know about these diseases before marriage, then one can save the coming babies’ lives. One genetic disease is breast cancer. Colon cancer, diabetes and kidney disease, etc. This disease can be diagnosed by doing this genetically transmitted conditions test. If you get to know about any such diseases in your trial, you should start the treatment process. This will be gold for you and your child also. 

Thalassemia Test: 

It is one of the necessary tests that every couple should do before getting married. It prevents the chances of defects in the child. Couples disappoint after conceiving defective babies. So it would be good to check it before conceiving. 



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