5 taboos about meeting women at the gym


Special considerations are meant for women in any situation that concerns their modesty. Be it public places or the offices, complexes or gyms, it is for the sake of respect and decency that certain rules need to be enacted.

Coming to the gyms, there too exist certain rules and regulations. The etiquettes to be followed in a gym for the ladies have also crept up as a part of this drive.

Quite naturally, every woman desires to be safe and sound as far as their modesty is in question. Thus, the taboos about meeting women still exist in the society. And these taboos are the result of some creepy guys who turn up at the gyms meant for ladies just for their own sweet pleasures.

Just for the unethical deeds of a few useless people, meeting a lady in a gym is still considered as a taboo. Even if the purpose of meeting is important, the act is considered as unethical. Here are a few taboos about meeting women in the gym.

The following acts considered as taboos:

What’s Cooking?

The first question which hits the visitor is the purpose of his visit.

There may be some important purpose for visiting the lady during the gym hours. The visitor needs to justify the cause of his visit. If he is logical enough in explaining the purpose of his visit, it’s fine.

Most of the time, it is found that the strangers keep on observing the lady as she makes her movements. Indeed, it is really uncomfortable for her to bear the situation.

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If the purpose of his visit is genuine, he needs to look up at the lady. Eye contact is an essential factor in this context. From the eye contact, one can understand the real motive behind the visit.

If the stranger has really a purpose for visit, he will have the guts to look up at her and speak about the cause. But, just sneaking around in the gym and not talking to anyone is just not acceptable.

Thus, this factor turns up to be a taboo and the gyms sometimes take necessary steps to prevent the male visitor from entering the gym.

Snatching away the personal space

A gym turns out to be a very personal place to the women. They need their personal space for their movements and mental set up.

It may happen that a guy has the need to meet her in the gym hours itself. The most modest way to meet her is to wait until she has finished a complete set of exercises.


Exercises are meant for the benefit of the body, and it is not recommended to leave them midway. Thus, the guy has to wait patiently until the entire set of exercise is over.

And the main problem rises here; some of the guys intentionally move close enough to the ladies while they work out with the machines. They rob them off the personal space as well as decency, and this is extremely hated by the ladies.

Thus, their visit to the gym is considered to be a taboo, and there are good reasons for its justification.

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Throwing out the compliments

It may happen that a guy who has visited a gym happens to be impressed by the physique or beauty of the ladies. There is a particular way of offering the compliments.

A girl can differentiate between the senses in which the complements are made by hearing the tone itself.

For instance, there is a wide gap between the sayings, “Hi, your muscles have a good deal of flexibility” and “Hey girl, your muscles just kill”. Thus, it is evident that the tone in which the words are spoken carry the weight of the conversation.


The speaker is the best person who comes to know the sense in which he has used the words. Thus, improper usage of words is a main cause for the growth of taboos. The ladies really respect their own privacy, and they would not like someone messing up with their personal looks while they tone up their bodies.

Speaking unnecessarily and absurdly

It often happens that a guy visiting a gym wants to start a conversation with one of the ladies. However, he runs out of ideas. He cannot think out of any topic that will enable them to carry on with a meaningful conversation.

He feels dumb and at last, he cooks up some useless stuff or starts speaking abruptly.

The exercises need good concentration, and the ladies do not prefer someone meddling with their precious time.


Thus, if a person who knows nothing of gym starts talking about the machines, assuming the role of the second trainer, it is utterly unacceptable. The guy should keep quiet if he has nothing to speak about, or come directly to the point, instead of messing up with something he is not used to.

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Thus, you will notice that the taboos that still exist in the present day gyms are not at all baseless. They have every reason to justify their existence, and some of the activities of men are really condemnable.

Trying to make a long conversation

Men visiting the gym must remember that time is precious. Thus, they cannot just afford to eat up the time meant for the lady to carry on their exercises. After all, if he really has a cause for visiting the lady, he has to make it a point and stick to it.

He should not move on from one topic to another and jump from one aspect to the next. First of all, visits should be made only when there is an absolute necessity. Moreover, gyms are not the place to carry on personal chats. Thus, the visitors must be careful enough not to consume the entire time and make sure that he remains precise and to the point.


You will realise that the taboos are not as baseless as you had thought. Every lady wants her privacy. The men should respect their needs.