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5 stereotypes about women that should be broken immediately


We live in a society where everything is judged. Everything is connected to a stereotype that is so hard to break that people consider it as the truth. The older the stereotype, the “truer” it gets. Women have always been considered the weaker sex. They have been a subject to the stereotypes for years. We talk about equality, women empowerment yet we are so enslaved in the shackles of these stereotypes. Women will never be considered equal to men unless these stereotypes are broken.

Here is a list of a few stereotypes that are nowhere near true:


1. Women are bad drivers.

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“A woman driving? Sorry, I can’t take the risk.”

Male egos get hurt when someone tries to compete with them and if it’s a woman, it calls for a war. They would do anything to prove that they are better/stronger. This stereotype is largely made by men because they cannot see women competing with them neck to neck.

This is the biggest myth there is. Honestly, there are some really bad female drivers but that is no criteria to generalize this statement. As a matter of fact, many studies have shown that women are safer drivers as compared to men.

We all joke about women being horrible drivers and meeting accidents. It’s time that we get past that and realize that not every woman is a bad driver.

This debate is never-ending but we all have to open our blindfolds and see the truth.


2. Women like the color Pink.

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No, we don’t. This stereotype probably dates back to the time when the color Pink was discovered. It is so unfair that if a girl likes the color Pink, he is labelled as ‘feminine’ or even worse, ‘gay’ and if a girl doesn’t like Pink then she is labelled as a ‘tomboy’. What  is wrong with the world? Why can’t we accept the fact that this stereotype is NOT a fact.

Some women may like the color Pink but that does not make it a ‘feminine’ color. In fact, if people were to be judged by the colors they like, ‘black’ would be a feminine color since most women prefer black over pink.

How does that make you feel now, boys? Are you wearing black? Guess what, it doesn’t matter because no color was meant for a particular gender.


3. If a woman is acting mad, she is on her periods.

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This is the  stupidest stereotype. First, most guys can’t even talk to women about periods and then they complain that if a woman is cranky, it is because of her periods.

Yes, periods bring hormonal changes but that does NOT mean that we only get angry when we are on our periods or PMS-ing.

If we get angry that means that you have done something that has made us angry. Don’t pin your blame on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

If we are having mood swings that does not necessarily mean that we are on our periods. It might also mean that something is going on in our heads that we may not want to discuss.

To sum it up, PMS ≠ Mood swings


4. Women are whiny and wimpy. 

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This statement itself is a paradox. Men complain about women all the time. Guess who is whiny now? Confused? Thought so.

Men have egos as big as the part of the world they think they acquire. But if you look at the real side, that part becomes irrelevant. It is not us that are too whiny. Yes, women are far more sentimental than men and that is a good quality because that shows that women have emotions unlike some men whose egos have turn their hearts to stones.

We are not delicate. Yes, we have sensitive skin but we are not as feeble as you think. Can a guy go through labor? It is scientifically proven that women suffer multiple times more  pain than an average man would in his whole life.

Not so delicate now, are we?


5. Women are born to be housewives.

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Of course, we can because that is the toughest job on the planet. Can a man be a parent, accountant, cook, cleaner, manager, teacher and everything that a housewife can be and still not earn anything? No, he can not.

Being a housewife is the most challenging job. You have to be a pro at multi-tasking and women are the best managers in the world (according to various studies).

I would spend pages if I were to write about the women who made it to the top despite being born to be housewives. Let’s leave that part and agree to the fact that women can do anything a man can do. So, why waste time fighting against each other over these petty thing and why not fight together for better and bigger things?




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