5 steps to write like a pro


It can be really challenging when it comes to writing but it is even more challenging when it comes to improving writing skills. Some of us may even get butterflies in their stomach when it comes to writing.

Many of us struggle when it comes to composing written text. But the important question is, how to improve your written magic?

A good writer can control the reader’s intellect. But before that being a good writer is of more importance. Writing can be a daunting task but you must learn to do it if you want to write well.

I am here with some sets of instructions to help you write well and be a writer of your dreams.

1. Read read and read.

The more you read the more you get to know about what you want to write. You must read what you want to write about.

As one cannot become a good writer overnight reading is very important. The more you read the more you come to know about your topic and the more you will get a clear idea of what to write.

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Reading also increases our vocabulary so that prove to be an important aspect.

2. Keep things simple

You must not try to over explain something. I believe that you have plenty of time and may have plenty of knowledge but when you try to over explain something then it becomes clumsy and The reader may not want to read it.

Try to keep things simple and let them go in a smooth flow.

3. Expand your vocabulary

As previously mentioned reading books can expand your vocabulary you must also read dictionary to get a stronger vocabulary.

A strong vocabulary is very important when it comes to writing you need a strong vocabulary express yourself correctly and let the readers know what you mean.

Do this by reading more new sentences only reading words me not help you as much as reading sentences will.

4. Write everyday

If you want to be a writer you need to write. writing everyday will give you self confidence and will help you to write in a better form with a stronger vocabulary. It will be the best practice you have ever done.

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Many people worry about or are always confused about what to write. But to let you know, you can write about ANYTHING. All you need to do is to write and write.

5. Keep the basics strong

You must have a strong base knowledge of writing before you start to compose. Here by base knowledge I don’t mean that you must enroll in a writing learning program but you need to know the basics of grammar and spellings.

Try to write in active voice rather than to passive voice. Active voice is more readers friendly comparatively.

Use strong words but don’t use difficult ones. Well if you don’t want to write in archaic English you must keep it simple. Also you need to maintain the subject verb agreement unless you are writing a poem.