5 Indian state girls you should never think twice to date


Indian is a country with many regions and dating has become prominent in the country. We are not here to discuss the advert meaning of what dating means, but we are here to share some gyan to you regarding Indian girls. You know that Indian girls are considered as hottest girls in Western countries, oh yeah there are some conditions apply. They feel Indians in sarees as most hottest girls. Well even we like to see them in sarees aren’t we? So why is this example it is to just state that our girls are hottest. Well, we have further segregated this hottest combo and have filtered five state girls whom you should never hesitate to date.

5) Punjabi

who doesn’t want to date a hot girl. Punjab has that sort of girls who can blow your mind off. Punjab girls are most expressive when compared to any other. They express the love and anger in same ways. They would shower lot of love if they like you and won’t mind to kick you if you are irritating. Punjab girls are mostly from well to do family, so the reliability on you for self needs is almost obsolete and personally they don’y like to depend on some body. So if you need a gutsy and independent girl. Go ahead and date.

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4) Gujarati

You might be a MBA in finance but trust me a Gujarati girl who has passed +2 has good business knowledge than you. Gujarati girls are too supportive. They support in each and every step you take. Their dependency is not so high. They never give away a thought of earning by themselves. Gujarati girls like celebrations and they always love to dress good and neat. Are you a vegetarian ? Then these girls are ideal. Well, if you need a supportive girl for your economical plans.. Go ahead and date.


3) Telugu ( Andhra Pradesh/Telangana)

You love your family and you expect the girl also to love your family ? Then date Telugu girl. Of course they love Gold more than anyone at certain times but they are the one who values and respects the family relations and customs. Girls from coastal Andhra are more traditional when compared to the middle parts. Telugu girls are emotional and at the same time daring too. They are well known for their adjusting mentality. So don’t think twice to date these girls as they don’t mind even if you are late for a plan for some couple of minutes.

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2) Tamil 

You can daily satisfy your appetite with yummy foods and south Indian dishes. Tamil girls are the most traditional girls. They would like to meet you in temple than in a park or shopping mall. You would be amused to know that their festivals are more than calendar years. They are well known to give respect to their partners than any other. So don’t think twice to date Tamil girl if you need that utmost respect.



1) Malayali 

The beautiful, literate and homely girls destination in the country. Malayali girls might not be most open minded but there wouldn’t be any fights in a relationship if you are dating a malayali girl. She could transform herself into a most traditional girl to modern girl within no time. She has the most understanding nature than anyone. So don’t think twice to date this girls as they don’t mind even if you hand out with your friends.

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