5 Smart ways of using your old Android Device


Are you in a Dilemma of having an old android device which you do not want to sell it and wondering what to do with the phone/tablet? Well! You can still make the best use of it. Here is the list of smart methods where you can make the best use of your old android device some of which you might have never thought of:


5.  A Hotspot Device:

Yes! It’s simple and convenient. You can turn your old device into a hotspot device at your home or your car so that everyone can use internet under one roof. You can simply dock you phone at one place and keep it on charging, get a SIM Card from a network service provide which offers value for money internet service and you are good to go. This simply brings down the expenses occurring while paying for each person to get internet pack active. Also major android devices has a longer battery life while it is Wi-Fi than on Mobile data. This way it reduces the risk of having lesser battery life in your new device or the device that you’re currently using.

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4.  CCTV:

This might be a something that you might not be aware of. You can always turn on your old android device into a surveillance camera. If you are not at a particular location and wish to monitor the location through CCTV, your old Android device is the best option to use. You hardly shred money for this. All you need to do is get your camera under Wi-Fi zone (recommended than using mobile data by interesting additional SIM), fix a particular location so you can dock it for charging the phone easier, Download IP Webcam from Play Store and follow the instructions in it.


3.  E-Book Reader:

Recommended for all book lovers. Are you finding difficult to carry books everywhere when you want to read? You can make best use of your old Android Device by downloading apps like Amazon Kindle, Google-Play Books, or copy any PDF file (make sure you install PDF reader) and the rest is History! Make sure you turn off all notifications when you do not want any disturbance while reading. This way you can save the battery life of current phone you are using for daily needs by not using it as e-book reader.

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2.  Storage Device:

If your old device has a good phone memory, the best option is to use it as storage. This way, you can store mp3 files so you can use it on Bluetooth speakers or in music system in your car. Similarly you can use it as your portable video player or also a storage device for miscellaneous files. This way, again you are saving battery life of current phone.


1.  Digital Alarm Clock:

Do you wish to have a sophisticated digital clock? Your old android device is the convenient option. Perhaps it is the simple and best method of using your old android device. You get variety of applications for the same on Play Store. Just dock your phone where you wish to keep digital such as on your desk, shelf or drawer suiting your requirements and you are good to go!