5 Simple Ways to Manage Your Healthy Year-Round


These days, everywhere you turn online, you’re smacked across the face with different health and weight loss tips. Some people say to exercise every day, and some say to rest more often. Some say that the keto diet is the secret to fat loss. Others swear by intermittent fasting. Some think that yoga is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle, while others believe running is the way to go. With so many conflicting pieces of information, how can we know how to be healthy? The key element is to bring things back to basics. Focusing on our health doesn’t have to be hard if we focus on these five key elements. 

Go For Your Check-Ups

Your annual check-up is probably something you’ve skipped more times than you’d like to admit. You don’t feel sick, so what’s the point? Don’t worry, we understand the sentiments. Medical bills can get expensive, and why waste a trip if there’s nothing wrong. However, going for your regular overall check-up is important because it can help identify any underlying issues that might not be noticeable to you yet. Your doctor might be able to pick up issues any issues in your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose (which could indicate diabetes) and more. Finding these problems early on can help to nip them in the bud, save you money, ease the stress and keep you healthy for years to come. Take this as your reminder to book a health check-up today, and if you’re in the area, you can click here to find a doctor, OKC.

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Follow a Balanced Diet

We’re not going to vote for keto, intermittent fasting, high-carb, low fat, vegan, paleo, carnivore or any of these other high maintenance diets. If you’ve found one that works just right for you and your lifestyle, that’s great! However, for the average person to manage their health and weight, the equation is pretty simple. Eat a balanced diet that includes various foods: fruits and vegetables, good quality protein sources, high-fibre grains and healthy fats. We even think it’s important to eat a doughnut every once in a while (that’s where the balance comes in). Instead of blindly restricting and cutting out food groups, including and enjoying everything in moderation is the key factor here. Eating in this way will enable you to include all the nutrients your body needs, while also being sustainable because you can still enjoy all your favourite foods, perhaps just not every single day. If weight loss is one of your health goals, control how much you eat overall, rather than removing carbs or fats completely, and you’ll find it far easier to stick to your diet. 

Move-in the Way You Like

The best type of exercise isn’t running or weightlifting or yoga or pilates or HIIT. The very best type of exercise is the one that you enjoy most. Why is that? Trying to force yourself to run if you hate running, isn’t going to last very long. When you find no joy in activity and dread having to do it, no amount of discipline or motivation is going to get you to do that activity multiple times a week for years and years. Exercising and moving your body is a lifestyle and if you want to do it regularly and long-terms, it should always be done in a way that excites you. Try out a few different forms of exercise. You could try your hand at ballet classes, hiking, mountain biking, Zumba, taking long walks, powerlifting, tennis, swimming or anything else that tickles your fancy. The options are truly endless, and there is no wrong way to move. As long as you’re doing it regularly and consistently, your body will reap the benefits in some way. So, pick your poison and start moving your way to a healthier you. 

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Rest Well

Now that you’ve done all that moving, you also need to schedule some chill time into your day. Rest also comes in different forms. Getting good quality sleep is a crucial element of your physical and mental health. When you’re sleeping, your body is deeply resting, recovering and healing. This kind of rest is very important for your body, and for making sure that you have loads of energy throughout your day to complete all the various tasks you have on your plate. However, another important kind of rest is simply having some downtime. Everyone’s idea of downtime is a little different, and for you, it could mean reading a book, watching TV with your partner, doing a hobby that brings you joy or socialising with friends and family. Whatever it might be, don’t neglect it! Taking time for yourself is healthy and important and will help you to feel mentally strong and rested.

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Mind Your Mind

Mental health is just as important as physical health, but it’s something that many people sweep under the rug. As we just mentioned, it’s important to take downtime each week or each day to recover your mind from work and other life pressures. ‘Self-care is a buzzword that gets thrown around all the time these days, but we do need to take it seriously. Prioritising yourself is an important part of your mental health, and once again this can look different for many people. Relieving stress and dealing with your emotions can be done in many ways. For some it’s exercise, for others, it’s journaling or meditation. Talking to a friend or family member can make a heavy situation feel much lighter. There are so many ways to take care of your mind, and you should be thinking about it each and every day. Check-in with yourself regularly – what do I need today? The answer might change on a day-to-day basis, and you should always try to honour that. Remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health, there’s never any shame in reaching out for help.