5 simple ways how you can take care of your ageing parents


Parents take care of their kids more than themselves. But when it comes to taking care of the parents by the kids, then it becomes a problem for many people. Especially in today’s busy schedule there are many youngsters to forget that how their parents have taken care of the kids and they often consider their parents as a burden. These people often have a choice of leaving their old parents in an old age home so that they can lead a free and happy life. But obviously all youngsters do not have the same thinking.

There are also many people who live in joint families and apart of the busy schedule give their best in taking care of the old parents. But may be due to generation gap and also at times due to fast running time, they are not able to maintain the responsibility properly. Old parents do not wish for big things such as gadgets or extra luxurious lifestyle. They remain happy in small things, and it is necessary to understand these small things.


For people who are happy to take care of their old parents and wish know more about how to do so, there are some eminent tips that can help.

What do the parents need?

Often while growing you up, your parents forget about their priorities. They drop many plans just to fulfill your wishes. So, when you grow up, it should also be  your responsibility to try to fulfill all their wishes that they have. Try to know if they have some plans such as a holiday trip, or some other things. Apart from their wishes and plans there are some other things also that you need to check about your old parents. It is necessary that you know about their health status. There are a number of things that you need to understand by observing your parents.

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Check about their hygiene regularly, because as they grow old, they are not able to take care of themselves properly. If you do not have much time, try to keep a helper for them. Check for their eating habits and see whether they are having any type of major diseases or not. Accordingly arrange for the food habits and diet. Also, it is important to know about their mobility status. If they are in such a condition that they are not able to move much, then look for alternatives that can make their movement easy.


Emotional support

More than taking care of their habits and wishes, it is even more important to be an emotional support to them. This is the age when a maximum of the parents get a number of physical as well as mental illness. There are a number of cases where they tend to forget a number of things. Even there are cases where parents forget their kids who stay far away from them. It is quite understandable that it becomes difficult for the kids to take care of such condition, but you should remember that there was a time when these parents have only taken care of all your stupid tantrums. Even if you return back home tired after the whole day’s work, you should dedicate some special time always for your parents. An emotional bondage helps them to stay happy and satisfied of the fact that they are not burdened for you rather you love being with them at this condition also.

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Home Care

Often a number of people think that they are not able to take care of their parents, and hence they leave them at the age old institutions. But the actual fact is that the best care that can be done is at home itself. Whether it is a kid or an old person, home is the best place where they can get the best care, and also they feel the comfortable. Also, there are many parents who wish to stay at their old homes while their kids are dwelling somewhere else. Even if the kids insist them to come and stay along with them, they do not feel like leaving their own home and shifting to some new place. This is quite understood that especially at old age, people wish to stay connected with the old memories. In this situation it is required to take care of certain important points such as visiting them often, staying connected all time over phone, keeping a full time attendant who can take care of them and many others.


Professional Assistance

In today’s days, maximum people remain busy in their hectic schedule. They do not get time even for themselves, so it can be imagined that how much difficult it is to fetch time for others. Parents at old age seek special attention. Only meeting them, spending some time with them and helping them at certain times are not enough. While taking care of your old parents, you need to be with them for 24 hours a day. If this is not possible for you, then the best way is to keep an assistant there at home for this responsibility. Again keeping anyone for this work can be risky. So, you need a professional assistant who knows how to take care of the people who are at old age. Now there are many services that offer such professional assistant for taking care of your parents in your absence.

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Old age home has to be the last option only

You can care for others only if you are able to care about yourself. If you are not in the situation to keep yourself going properly, then obviously you will be not able to take care of your old parents also. This can be the situation of a person who stays alone with the old parents and has a transferable job, or someone who himself or herself remains ill for maximum of the times. In such type of situations only, old parents has to be kept at an old age home, else, keeping them with you and taking the responsibility to take care of them is the best possible thing for them.