5 Signs That You Might Have Toxic Friends


Friends are like our second families and we wouldn’t think twice before giving the world to them. They are always there for us to support us no matter what and can make us laugh through whatever. Everyone has different kinds of friends and it doesn’t matter as long as they love us. However, not all the people you are friends with, are there to make your days easier. Some are here to pull you back and here are 5 signs that you might have toxic friends.

1. They Are Extremely Jealous Of You

Toxic friends don’t let you make more friends or hang out with anyone and act really mean when you do so. They get jealous of everything you have; family, friends, lifestyle and you can sense it in their sentences.

2. They Get Insecure When You Accomplish More Than Them

They can’t see you achieving more than they do. They compare you with themselves and pick out your flaws and try to bring you low.

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3. They Inflict Their Fears And Insecurities On You To Put You Down

According to them, they are the best and if there’s something they can’t do, you lack the ability as well. They don’t show any confidence in you and stop you from going further by emotional blackmail.

4. They Come To You Only When In Need

They don’t care about your feelings and go on and off on you based on your own needs. They will only remember you when in problem and avoid your existence the next day.

5. They Change Their Behaviour To You Based On Who Is Around

They tend to act mean when you are alone and behave nicely when someone is around or vice versa. They don’t think much of you and won’t mind tossing you over for someone better.