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5 secrets to open the doors of success


As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “Success is most enjoyable when it has been won against odds”, the delicacy of success is enjoyed by those who have the ability to be hearty in appreciation and lavish in their praise.  All have the ability to dream but only a few have the will to chase their dreams. ‘Will’ is an umbrella term encompassing several virtues. A fact to be realized today- It is work and not birth that governs aristocracy. No truly successful man or woman has ever been a shirker, or excessively concerned about his or her sensitivity. However, to sensitize people with our achievements, one has to possess the following ‘secrets’ in their kitty:

  1. A proportionate blend of vision and passion:

Comprehending the finer lines of differences between vision and passion is absolutely necessary. Passion enables a man to keep going in life not only in great vibes but also in tougher times. Life is completely unpredictable. It is a wishful thinking that life shall sail smoothly for eternity. During such hard times, it is nothing but passion that propels a man to fight the adversities. Armed with control, passion and vision, one may combat out of the blue contingencies and intolerable levels of hardships. Vision refers to a person’s ability to change the circumstances around them and turn them into their own favor. Round and round, the wheels of life tumble and people with vision have a different take and perspective on every aspect of life. In a nutshell, vision provides a person with the necessary paraphernalia to enjoy the sweetness of success while passion equips a person with necessary motivation and efforts to convert a vision into a success story.

  1. Supreme concentration:

Eklavya, the prince of Nishadha, was known for his trademark – concentration. The ability to concentrate is the mark of disciplined and orderly mind. Lamentably, what plagues administration in India in general is the inability to concentrate on jobs. As a consequence, incompetence is reining the rhetoric.

  1. Learn from the Great:

One has to acquaint himself/herself with the success stories of great people who carved a niche for themselves. More often than not, people who distinguish themselves from the hoi polloi should be admired. Let the truth prevail – Vanity prevents us from admitting that we are sub-standard. However, to attain a modicum of success, we have to simulate the likes of dignitaries, both in letter and spirit, policy and execution.

  1. Planning:

One must plan and draw up a schedule and adhere to it. To complete the day with purposeful activities, one must plan and re-plan. More often than not, top notch MNCs plan their activities to maintain the same tireless endeavoring spirit. To all intents and purposes, our less systematic friends may transform us into veritable demons of energy. But the secret of what little success we enjoy is that we are merely making the most scientific and systematic use of time.

  1. Periodical Introspection and continual self-analysis:

Thomas Carlyle once said, “The greatest of faults, I should say is to be conscious of none.” So, one has to periodically introspection and analyze himself/herself to become an overwhelming favorite of masses. These two virtues have often transformed a mistake into a relishing success. As Somerset Maugham said, “The only way to be strong is to never surrender to one’s weaknesses”, moments of introspection should be a spur to our progress.



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