5 scariest Facts about Kids and Health


Kids are precious, and childhood is a time where it is very important to keep fit and fine. That’s because from an early age it is quite important that a kid must show signs of good health and fitness so that in the coming years he or she can continue with that. The growing years of a child are very essential to set the ship straight or else there is a chance that some kids might pick up weight or fitness problems later on.

Hence, if you are a parent, then you must know about all the threats and ailments that can affect your child’s health-related future. This will allow you to adjust his or her schedule and timetable in a better way so that you can add in other important stuff later on. This important stuff can be in the form of sports or any activity which can keep your child engaged with body fitness. So, by further not wasting time, let us take a look at the 5 things and facts about what the kids are actually facing in this contemporary world. Knowing the below 5 facts will surely help you to incline towards giving your child a better lifestyle so that he or she can avoid future health related issues. So here are the 5 scariest Facts about Kids and Health

  • Fact number 1: More kids are becoming obese these days

It is a well-known fact that kids are getting more obese these days. Compared to our generation (the parents generation), these days many kids are struggling with basic fitness. This is creating issues such as fatigue, weak heart (which can escalate in the future to life-threatening problem), lack of activity, lack of sleep, lethargy and other issues. It is not easy to rectify the obesity issue in one single week or month, as it is a due process.

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Of course, fatness can run in a family’s gene, however if your kid takes some precaution, then there is a chance that he or she can avoid the issue. So, from any early age you will have to make sure that his or her diet is quite supervised and as per the requirement of the body. Of course, whilst growing up your kid can also enjoy some well-cherished meals. However, you must also make sure that equal regimes are done in order to balance it. It is estimated that worldwide about one-third children of the developed nations are going to be either overweight or obese in the coming years. Hence, on the grass root level, that is at homes, parents will have to monitor their child’s health and weight development. If not, then there is a high chance of kids of this next generating suffering from cholesterol, join, high blood pressure, heart, sleep and also social problems in the future. Also, obesity can lead to various types of cancers too in the long run.

  • Fact Number 2: Kids’ menu at restaurant does not mean it is healthy by any means

There are many worldwide restaurant chains that have special kids menu to lure in the families. And, many families also select these restaurants in the hope that food specially made for kids can be healthy for their child’s diet. However, this is an absolutely wrong notion. If your kids and you regularly eat fast food and from restaurant chains, then he or she may gain up to extra 150 calories a day on an average. This can, at the end of the month/year become a huge problem for your kid’s weight. This is why it is better to avoid these types of menus. And, go for food that is homemade and nutrients filled.

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Fact Number 3: Watching too much TV can have an impacting issue to your child’s future:

Apart from hampering your child’s future, televisions can easily spoil your child’s future in many other ways. And, we are of course talking about health issues. Watching excessive TV can put a strain on your child’s eyes for a start, and this can develop to bigger eye related issues in the future like eye-power.

 Apart from this, it has been noted that children who are obsessed with TVs are in fact the ones who are getting the obesity problems. That’s because, as soon as you are hooked up to television, you can always going to be lethargic and inactive. And, this inactivity can be very damaging to your child’s metabolism and overall fitness. Of course, when it comes to weight problems, everything is related to each other. Excess Tv viewing can also cause paranoia and other problems such as lack of sleep.


Fact Number 4: Lack of outdoor games and activity can hurt your child’s health

Well, some kids are really against playing any sport or doing any outdoor activity. And, this can hurt them in the long term. It is also estimated by various studies that kids who are physically fitter are always getting better grades in school. This is because of the fact that their minds are sharper and active, thanks to their outdoor activities. The problem can be mitigated if schools also encourage sports and other activities; however parents have to play their part too.

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Of course, fitness tests are also a good benchmark to ensure that your kids stay fit and fine during his or her schooling years.


Fact Number 5: Parents are becoming a bad role model

Some parents are very nonchalant about their kid’s fitness. In fact, many just do not care that much about it. Even parents have to take the initiative to make sure that their kids are taking up a sport and are eating well. It is, of course, a combination of 3 things in the end; physical activity, healthy and good diet and of course parents’ encouragement and restrictions. Parents should also start eating healthy so that their kids can follow them. In fact parents, especially dads, can take the onus of playing a sport in which his child can also participate. And, mothers can contribute by making or selecting healthy food. This will surely make your family healthier and stronger