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5 reasons you should travel


Travelling, who doesn’t love travelling? We all have plans to visit some place or the other at some point in our lives. My question is Why not now? And, why not visit as many places as we can? Travelling is one of the most surreal experiences. You go in someone else and come out as a totally changed person. Your entire point of view changes, you see the world differently. There is nothing more intoxicating than travelling. So, stop whatever you are doing, pack your bags and travel around the world!

  1. It is an adventure of your own! Make time to see the world. It is the one thing you will most definitely not regret. It can bring the color back to your life! Most of us have jobs, responsibilities and what not. But, it is always good to leave them once in a while and rejuvenate yourself. After the adventure of a life-time you will surely love your life a little more!  adv
  2. You will got to EXPERIENCE all the different cultures! Think about it, when you go places you meet new people. You don’t only meet new people but you also meet their culture! You learn loads of different things about different cultures and you can teach them about your’s! Travelling is always a win-win. 
  3. It definitely helps you get over grief. Just came out of a long-term relationship? Or something bad happened? Can’t cope with your life? I know the idea of travelling might sound absurd but the truth is, it is going to help you recuperate. Once you will see the different and lively colors of different places, you will no longer be sad. It will help clear out your perspective. Travelling helps you realize that you are an individual with no restrictions, you are absolutely free to do anything. I think being free is what most of us desire, so travel all the way! 
  4. You can truly live in the moment. Those who work can relate to this. You have been working since God knows when, how do you feel about time. For you it flies away, right? You don’t know where or how it went, it just went. You no longer live in the moment. But those who travel have lived each and every moment to the fullest. They know exactly where and how their time went. It is as if time slows down. Travelling keeps you young, you become more habitual to enjoy things. Live in the moment! 
  5. You get out of your comfort zone. All of us hold on tightly to our dearest comfort zone when in reality we should be pushing ourselves. Travelling help you do just that. All of us are wary of strangers and strange places, but travelling helps you overcome all of those. You can now relate differently to the world and to it’s residents. 

In the end, why do we travel? We travel to make memories of a life time, to keep on learning something new, to find ourselves. So I suggest that we do just that!



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