5 reasons why we need education


“By wisdom a house was built,and through understanding it is established through KNOWLEDGE its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

A man without education is said to be an animal said in our Sanskrit Shlokas.Though  hundreds  and thousands of men and women in developing and under-developed countries are still illiterate.they are living,eating and leading their lives normally.Then what is the need of education …?

To know the answer to the question,one should know what is’ Education ‘.education is a Latin word which means to bring up or to bring out.Every person is born with some inherent talent.these talents should be brought out to enlighten our life.education leads a person from” darkness to light-ignorance to knowledge.”

“there are two educations,one should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.”there are two kinds of activities which a person performs.The first is to satisfy the instincts like food clothing and shelter etc.there are certain other activities which a man performs to satisfy the mental desires and social needs.they are to develop reason,imagination,curiosity,creativity,adjustment ability,friendship,leadership,working skills,social behavior,spiritual quest and finally salvation.the second kind has developed through education.we can see this difference between an educated and uneducated person.The one who educated is social,knowledgeable,skillful and full of confidence.in one way,it is said that he has an integrated personality.

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education does not mean only reading,writing and arithmetics but also has different aims to achieve .the most important among them are:

1.ECONOMIC : A man who is educated  must be able to earn his living and should be economically self-sufficient.education will help the man to survive in this competitive world.

2.VOCATIONAL : The second aim is to develop the skills  which helps in doing a professional job.

3.KNOWLEDGE : education helps a man to develop a scientific outlook and to learn many things from nature.To be rational in outlook and not to led away by superstitious and blind beliefs scientific thinking is a must.it is this scientific outlook that has helped man to invent electricity and discover law of gravity,space science, mathmatic laws and many more inventions took shape.in a single click a man can know everything happening around the world.by innumerable inventions life became more comfortable,worth-living and easy.

4.SOCIAL : Man is gregarious by instinct.he cannot live in isolation.living in a family and in a society,is a necessary for him.if he has to live peacefully in a society he has to see certain laws of society.this is possible only through education.

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5.MORAL AND SPIRITUAL AIMS : man does not live for worldly comforts alone.he has certain religious and spiritual needs.he can fulfill these only by living in a society.as we are living in a Democratic country,it is people rule.it is based on consent of the people.the majority opinion is based on scientific reasoning,political maturity and welfare of everyone.every voter must be educated and know not only the value of his vote but also his duties and responsibilities towards the state.therefore education of every citizen is an inevitable need.

In accordance with all these a man should be educated to enrich himself in all aspects.finally the whole purpose of education is to mold a lump of clay into a beautiful thing.

A great career without A great Education is only a dream….these are all,that those helps in realizing the dream.