5 Reasons Why Toyota Glanza is Here to Stay


The launch of Toyota Glanza marked the entry of this Japanese car manufacturer in the premium hatchback automobile segment in India. It is the result of an agreement signed between Toyota and Suzuki to encash the ever-growing popularity of premium hatchbacks in the country. Back in time, Etios was the only hatchback this brand sold, which wasn’t very attractive in terms of its design and features as per buyers’ reviews.

But the newly launched Toyota Glanza is different.  It is popular with the name of ‘rebadged Baleno’. Here’s what sets the all-new Toyota Glanza apart from its competitors:

Competitively Attractive Exteriors and Interiors

People who love Baleno’s classy exteriors and interiors are in love with Toyota’s Glanza as well. It is because of the subtle tweaks done in it. 

Both cars have the same, nearly identical exterior design, except Glanza’s front grill that has a Toyota’s badge. It has attractive LED projector lamps with DRLs, alloy wheels and a tail lamp design that is highly loved by buyers. 

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Even the interiors, layout, space and finish of Glanza are identical to that of Baleno. 

Variants and Their Specs

Toyota Glanza is available in two variants – G and V and with four trims, namely – G MT, V MT, G CVT and V CVT. In terms of fuel, it is limited to petrol only. Again, Toyota Glanza’s variants can be compared to that of Baleno’s Zeta and Alpha.

With a 1.2 litre engine – 89 BHP/115 Nm and 83 BHO/115 Nm, both available in manual and CVT mode, makes it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Fuel Economy

Other than the stunning exteriors, Glanza does excel in terms of its fuel economy, which ranges from 19.56 kmpl to 22. 44 kmpl. Its manual variant sits at the higher edge of mileage, which makes it a go-to choice of a premium hatchback lover in India.


Toyota has kept the prices of Glanza’s variants in the same bracket as that of Baleno. Its G MT variant has an average ex-showroom price of around INR 7.2 Lakhs, while the V CVT variant is at the top with pricing around INR 9 Lakhs. 

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What makes Toyota Glanza stand out from its prime competitors is the warranty it offers. It comes with a three years/100,000 Km standard warranty, which is much higher than what its competitors offer. Since a buyer does not have to shell out money for this extra warranty, it certainly gives Glanza an edge over other premium hatchbacks.


Buying a New Toyota Glanza? Buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Alongside

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