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5 reasons why you should have a Telugu friend in your life – Namasthe !!


“Tera hain jo mera hain” the epic line on friendship. Friendship doesn’t have borders and doesn’t know racism. People might categorize their friends in Best friends, very best friends bla bla, etc., but a friend is always a friend. He/she is the one who will tease you with your crush name and they are the one who stands with you in crisis time. You would love to share anything with them including your secrets which you won’t share with your parents and life partner too. In this era of social networking, the internet has almost erased the distance between people and it is joining regions (of course virtually). So you might meet new people from many regions on Facebook and other social networking sites and maybe you could meet them in real if time permits. You might meet new people at your workplace and college or even shopping. So there isn’t any constraint in meeting new people but the only constraint is whom do you meet. So here are those five reasons why you should have a Telugu friend. So if you didn’t met them yet meet immediately and make them friends.

1) Smart and intelligent – could be your maths guru

So he/she comes to your rescue in solving your assignment or sharing your project work. Telugu people are smart and intelligent. They are very strong in mathematics and logical thinking. The level of education they have in their schools is very informative.  So if you ever lost in some problems and fighting for some logic in your program, call your Telugu friend before googling.

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2) Your savior in crisis – A walking bank

We don’t say that all Telugu guys are rich but they know how to save money as they always forecast future demands and save some part of their earnings. They eventually don’t ask for money from others but don’t hesitate to help others in crisis. So next time when you are running out of money approach your Telugu friend before going to a bank.

3) Daring and muscled – Your bodyguard 

Telugu guys are very strong at heart and are well built. They don’t think twice about getting into a fight if something is humiliating to them and their friends. They will stand by your side even if there is something wrong with you just to give you support and make sure you were not hurt. They sound hard when it comes to something bad about them or their friends. If you are planning to elope with your partner make your Telugu friends as partners in your crime. Trust us they never let you down.

4) Cooking ?? – They are experts

Telugu cuisines are one of the best and top cuisines in the country. They will be spicy and mouth-watering. Our Telugu fellas are very much interested in cooking. The surprising thing is many men know cooking than women in Telugu states. So did you ever missed tasting your Telugu friend food? Offoo.. go and get it now.

5) Perfect Entertainers

Telugu guys are movie freaks. They are multi-talented. They would always make you smile in their presence and will never leave you alone. They will fight with you but they are the first ones to come back to you.

So guys search for your Telugu friends whom you met in your colleges and schools and lost contacts. Finally, it is good to have many friends in life than money. Chase for friends.



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