5 reasons why everyone should earn in their college years


1. Taste independence in all respect

Though moving out of home one has to take care of how they’re using their freedom, there’s no chain, no boundary and absolutely no lock that one can set upon the freedom of mind. This is the time one gets to let their minds wander and decide for their own. Allowing oneself to taste the perks of earned money is no sin. If independence means late night projects and parties, it also means exploiting your most mysterious potentials. This further pushes your boundary and allows you to break the shell of teen-comfort piece by piece.

2. Utilize your free time while it lasts!

Nothing is more challenging and precious than to be able to decide. Decide, falter, fail but don’t terminate  for what’s the use of freedom if you aren’t allowed to make mistakes. While your greatest and most ultimate resource, at this point of your life, is time your greatest asset should be the ability to earn. Just by learning how intricate and bold it is to earn, you will get satisfaction beyond explanation.

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3. Quench your shopping thirsts

Let’s own it, everybody wants to pamper themselves with materialistic pleasures. Be it those exclusive shoes, exceptional gadgets or expensive hardbacks, nothing comes for free. And the obvious sad facet of this fact is, nobody likes to constantly nag their parents for those notes or keep using “I need to buy course books” camouflage to tranquilize their wants. Taking time from those weekend parties and post-college hangouts and saving a couple of hours to earn smart will help you perceive the importance of money. When all is said and done, the feeling of security that money instills into your mind and soul will be incredible. What can be better than going shopping without having to bother anyone else in this world but you!

4. Talent for sale

Liberty is no doubt imagination’s priceless possession. Setting your spirits free, out in the woods, will breathe new life into your mind’s creative power. Money is a tool which will take you to places you’ve never been, but it will not replace you as the driver. You might develop expertise in things you were average and unfold dormant talents you believed hadn’t existed within you. Teaching, photography, event-organizing, writing, coding, investment. Theirs an infinite array of jobs out there. Trusting yourself with something and giving it a chance doesn’t happen everyday with everyone. Grab the chance and make sure to bring out the best you can. You will understand that you alone will be leading a life of your own choice soon and imagine if such an enlightenment comes even before you are graduated!

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5. “Becoming the hero of your life”

At the end, covertly or overtly, stealthily or publicly, you will become the smartest person you know around.