5 reasons why Chetan Bhagat is a crap writer


1. Portrays himself to be “The voice of youth” and then writes the most cliched stuff possible
The celebrated ‘Revolution 2020’ writer comes across telling us the most common things in his entire 300 page creation. Repeated and overused truism are all that his creations are abundant of. Moreover, the writer does not even dive into the thoughts of the entire community. It represents only the thought and need patterns of a section of the youth, probably the readers of his books only.

2. Invokes an unnecessary sense of titillation to enter the “bestselling club”
 All those famous novels out there by the much renowned author seem to be an Indian make of Twilight in each possible sense.What one realizes while reading a Chetan Bhagat novel is that he is mindlessly turning pages, with traces of some sex in between (that has been deliberately put to invoke sales among some desperate youngsters). If sagacious enough, one would definitely be compelled to think why he chose to read the novel at the first instance. Much to shame, he is a live manifestation of all entertainment fiasco that are highly supported by the nation -love for masala, disdain for debates.

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3. “The deemed source of literature”. Lol.
I am sure it hadn’t been as big a blunder had the writer restricted himself to the above two acts. What more mournful is that he goes on to convince readers they are indulging in literature, while they’re not. I know it’s much to say but my friend,an unread person is better than one who has grown up on Chetan Bhagat’s books. His books intensely are in dearth of any obligation to appeal to the intellect and increase it, rather they dumb down the masses further. The Bollywood equivalent for him is RGV ki Aag, TV equivalent is Roadies.

4. Unorganized plot
If for a moment, we leave alone the words he pens down, what appeals more to the readers is the correct expression of the thoughts and feelings. It is evidently noticed in Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight Children’ how he had brought whole of the plot and had been so expressive and laconic simultaneously. Chetan Bhagat’s writings lack this quality to a great extent. Flipping through the pages of the same novel, you’ll come across the protagonist describing his meeting with his beloved spread across some 15 pages including each and every minor detail like how she takes care of her dupatta, how she blushes and a hundred other of the kind, and then you’d see the final pages winding up the whole story so abruptly. It so happens that if you read the last pages of the writer’s novels, you’d be bemused if you actually read the novel or just glanced at the summary !

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5. Write out of passion, not for money
Writing is one of those art forms that should not be taken for granted. One should write because he loves to write, not because he ponders to be a medium to earn money and fame. One of finest literature pieces have continued to be those which are written directly from one’s heart and not with the aim to excite the prospective buyers. The discussed author mistakes gravely in this part.