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5 reasons which supports India’s first High speed rail project will not be a dream


Ever since the high speed rail (HSR) between Mumbai and Ahmedabad project has been approved there were many questions on International media and national media about the potentiality of the project, Indian Government’s ability to complete the project, the funding and other challenges. Well these are not such shocker questions to a nation which has a tag of “Developing” and is still entertaining the railways who’s maximum operating speed is 102 Kmph on average (on a very good day). High speed Rail networks have been very successful in the neighbor countries and in most countries of Europe. The demand in India for a faster railways is much higher when compared to any country of the European nations. The High speed rail network was supposed to be started in 2000’s but couldn’t materialize because of budgetary issues. However, the time has come for making the project real and here are those 5 things which states that India can do its first HSR line.

#1 Money not a problem

The entire project costs around 98000 crores when adjusted with inflation for coming 5 years it would cost around 1.1 lakh crores. The figures might sound crazy and many might point that is it necessary for a country who has many other problems to look into this project. Thanks to Japan which came forward to fund the 81% of project cost on a repayment period of 50 years with 0.1% of interest. The remaining money will be asked to share by the respective governments of the states. There is a speculation that in coming railway budget it is very sure that a major amount will be allotted to the HSR line. So we are very sure about Japanese. So the toss here depends upon how fast the Indian government reacts.

#2 Permissions moving towards sanctions

The major challenge for the root would be land acquisition and environment permissions. It seems the governments are already moving respective leads over the land in the proposed line. The environment issues might halt the project a little but that will be taken care. HS rails are meant to create much sound so a solution for the problem is much needed. On a whole the entire permissions will be sanctioned.

#3 Future profitability – Yes it is!!

So what is the scope of profit on a long run for this project? Yes it has a lot. The run time between Ahmedabad and Mumbai will cut down by 2:30 hrs. making it just 1hr 15 minutes of whole journey. The demand of the passengers between this line is very high, as high as 18 million (2015 statistics) for a year. The passengers also have strength to bare the ticket cost which couldn’t be high though. So this will give ample amount of profit.

#4 France is our technology partner

In his one of the recent visit to India, France president has extended his support for the HSR network along the country. The survey details and route map of the line has been already sent for analysis to the France. The master plan will be approved as soon as possible to kick start the project in no time.

#5 Most importantly – it is determination

India wants to stand alongside of those developed countries which plays a crucial role in the world. Well, with a country more than 125 crores of population and good natural resources it won’t be a dream in the near future. So it is actually that determination of every Indian who will wants to see his country developed.

So this is it, the first High speed railway of the India will be soon on track and let us hope this would lay a stone of inspiration and success to other parts of the country.



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