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5 reasons we miss Breaking Bad.


The recent season finale of the popular television series Game of Thrones makes us reminisce all the shows we wish hadn’t come to an end. One such amazing series is Breaking Bad. It’s already been seven years since “Breaking Bad” first took over our TV screens and introduced us to high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth mogul Walter White and his business partner Jesse Pinkman.

1.“I am the one who knocks”

The rise and fall into an unending pit of darkness of Walter White, a chemistry teacher is absolutely beautiful.Mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher Walter White thinks his life can’t get much worse.. He is greatly mistaken. Every moment Walter White turns into the esoteric Heisenberg is a chilling turn in the show leading us to wonder if we can ever predict what extent Breaking Bad can surprise us to. Absolutely amazing acting by Bryan Cranston,laving behind unforgettable dialogues.

“I am the danger,” “Tread lightly,” and “Say my name” are a few of the chilling lines …


2.The Jesse Pinkman and Walter White Volatile Chemistry

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White begin their relationship with ups and downs , with getting murdered and killing people, with hoping never to cross paths again and always ending up together. We can never get enough of Jesse’s frustration and Walt’s dismissive but caring attitude.Walter is a shape-shifter, alternating from twitchy, awkward husband to thuggish drug dealer as easily as changing a shirt. Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is far more complicated than he lets on. The most interesting aspect of Breaking Bad will forever be the volatile relationship between Walt and Jesse.

Still a better love story than Twilight. 



3.Science, Bitch. 

And of course all the science , the chemistry . The solution to every problem Walter White faces is somehow solved by science. If only they taught us chemistry like this in school. We’d all be graduating with honours in chemistry.                                            Science is used for all sorts of fun things – like building homemade batteries or creating poison out of beans, or using mercury fulminate to make a meth look-alike that’s actually a highly explosive material you can use to intimidate a psychotic drug dealer

Like Jesse says,   “Science, Bitch”.

4.Saul Goodman’s all-American lawyered up act.

Saul is a criminal lawyer who helps Walt and Jesse launder their illegal money.Saul was a relatively minor character, more comic relief than dramatically rich.But he acts as not only their attorney but also their accomplice. Sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman has had some of the best lines in Breaking Bad. We miss his witty comment and his crazy humour that added a new angle to this multi dimensional series.


5. Never seeing this for a first time ever again.

The funny moments rubbing alongside the murders, drugs, and murders caused by drugs.The dark, weird, funny, endlessly surprising, emotional depth-charge that was Breaking Bad came to an end after five series of electrifying television.It finally reached its brutal end.There’s something so much more addictive and alluring and amazing about the misadventures of Walter White that we can’t stop missing it.




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