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5 reasons why visiting Goa in summer as couple is awesome – The best romantic trip


Yes Yes, you read the title right, if you are planning to take your better half for a vacation in this summer where you can get some solitude and peace Goa is one such destination you should not miss. We completely agree to your point that Goa will be hot and humid in this summer and the partying will be absolute zero, but a little adventure you do, we promise this is going to be the best ever trip you gonna have with your love. Here are those 5 reasons why visiting Goa in summer as a couple could be the best vacation ever.

1)     Beaches are all yours

So do you love beaches and always want to do something crazy with your love on beaches? Well, you read us, the beaches of Goa in summer will be almost deserted and you can hardly find the people over them. So utilize this space to fulfill your dreams. Run along the beach with your partner, enjoy the private time under the dense coconut trees, have cool breezers in the hot sun, play with sands and what not beaches are all yours. Oh yeah, please do carry a sun screen lotion with good SPF.

2) Take her for shopping – your purse is secured

Shopping in Goa is splendid and women like shopping (of course they love shopping), so if you ever hesitated to take her for shopping because of budget constraints now it is time for you to surprise her. The Shopping in Goa will be cheap in summer and trust us you will find the same goods as good as the peak season for almost half the price. The markets will see less crowd and give you a lot of chance to decide and shop happily.

3) Trip and stay comes in Budget

If you ever thought Goa is a costly affair then it is time for you to change your perception. Summers are like heaven to the budget lovers as you will get the lavish stays and food at a very affordable price. So why don’t you take her to a private villa and give her some surprises, develop an idea. (wink)

4) Be more adventurous with water rides and ride on the streets during night

One of the best part in Goa is Water rides and sports. Somehow in the peak season you have to wait for long to get your turn and you have to pay huge for a little time. So why don’t you try now where you will take a lot of joy rides for a very little. Explore more rides with your love and give her some memorable experiences. Take her for rides during night in a rented scooty, offer her ice creams and food she likes. Don’t you think that’s romantic.

5) Candle light dinner on seas shore and party with your better half

Who said there isn’t any party in Goa during summer season? The entry fee would be very less for all premiere parties. Yeah however, the crowd will be less, but do you still need someone with you lovely better half beside you? The best part in summer is Candle light dinner at the sea shore. The mild, warm and perfect winds will be touching your body and the wave sounds will be so pleasant, with a lot of solitude around that could be the best dinner for your couple.

So what are you waiting for? If you are the couple who things out of the box plan a visit to Goa. We are sure you won’t lost yourself in the flock of people at those crowded so called hill stations. Happy summer Vacation !!



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