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5 reasons why soccer is gay sport


If somebody asks you about a sport which is most interesting and full of life, then definitely your answer will be soccer. To be precise, it is such a game where nobody remains stable. Instead, each and every guy is involved in snatching the ball from the opponent position with the help of his leg. It has been one of the favorite sports for the boys especially.

But you will be surprised to notice that due to getting plagued for several years and swirling of anecdotes regarding the associated sexuality, soccer finally concluded with coming out and becoming the first openly gay sport in the world.

Top Reasons Why Soccer is Gay

Also, you must have observed the soccer foot fairies have been prancing all around the field with their IQ printed on their back. In short, the game is all about defeating the opponent in a precise manner and wins the match. Some of the vital reasons in order to consider the hidden treasure of considering soccer as gay can be explained in a nutshell as under:

  1. The dreads worn by players encourage the young to become gay –

    It has been observed that the dreads worn by the soccer players are sufficient to encourage the young and impressionable guys to become gays. The research indicates the fact that playing footsie leads the gay boys to move towards the more dangerous game. Also the short sized shorts worn by the players not only lead the women leave their husbands but also expose the children to the lifestyle of a gay when the testicles of the players flop out of the tiny shorts. There are many who prance all around to show their bodies in order to reflect the sex symbols. It is also a matter to notice that due to the absence of a dick, the soccer players prefer touching the ball with their leg rather than their hands.

  1. The soccer players are observed wearing unis full of advertisement –

    Till date we have known that advertisements are displayed on boards, televisions and other media. But the soccer players seem to plaster these advertisements on their unis and running from one place to another. As a result everybody gets holds the attention of the sexual part along with the advertisement. This procedure also leads the increase in the prancing of the young guys towards the policy of homosexuality. It is a matter to note that men generally look sexy when dressed. But when not in a half dressed position, it is the people of the same sex who generally get attracted towards the same.

  1. The players are hardly concerned about winning and losing the game

    Whenever you play a match with the opponent party, generally everyone is concerned about the fact of winning and losing the game. But it is a matter of surprise to notice that soccer is such a game where the players are hardly concerned about losing and winning the game. Instead, they consider the fact to remain united and support a healthy social lifestyle. They also prefer discussing some personal health issues including HIV and many more. This chance is rare in other cases. The players in the group are the matters of great and high importance in comparison to winning and losing of any match taken. Also, the team comprises of all sorts of talent, impressive and intelligent guys. Also, they plan to expand the length of their team at the same time.

  1. The game is all about hugging and touching –

    Though soccer is considered to be the game comprised of kicking the ball into the respective goal, at the same time it is solely comprised of displaying love and unity among the players. In other words, the game is all about hugging and touching of each and every player in some way or the other. This process is generally approved by the gays only. The favorite part approved by the most players is that after the match gets duly over, all the players get naked and take shelter under a huge shower. Not a single soccer player is left unattended as each and everyone gets burned in the lust towards each other. Men seem working and to enjoy with other men who are rarely seen.

  1. The players prefer pissing together –

    Till date we have learned that we are supposed to go for toilet individually as it is totally a personal thing. But in case of soccer players, the matter is just the reverse. The soccer players prefer pissing altogether and randomly at any place. They think that this process is totally a sign of remaining united with each other. The soccer team sucks in and out. The actual excitement takes place only when these crazy fuckers start brawling together in the stands or when the stadium gets collapsed. They may do all sorts of funny activities as per the desire in a private manner through some physical touches.

Soccer may be considered to be such a game which is itself an exercise. The men get exercised in the field itself while playing their respective roles. Apart from giving a high level of enjoyment, the sport helps one to maintain the physical stamina. Apart from all sorts of injuries involved, the real and remarkable injury faced by a soccer player is hurt in the dick from the side of the opponent blowing the same too hard. But this is not taken too seriously and is considered to be a part of the game.

One Requires Hold a Close Look at the Game

In order to fetch additional evidence, you need to have a close look at the match with your naked eyes. In case, you did not fetch a golden opportunity to have an entry to the stadium, no problem. You may easily go through the videos uploaded to the Internet and watch the match on your television in the comfort of your home.

Apart from considering the controversial issues associated with soccer, it must be noted that there are many countries which have been famous for this particular game. One must need to enjoy and keep on enjoying while watching and playing the game.

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  1. This is the dumbest story I’ve ever heard, A bunch or rumors and assumptions.. Soccer players not focusing on winning? Whoever wrote this must have an IQ of ronaldo’s number, if they were being serious. I can’t help but look at this as a joke, the auther can’t be serious. Whenever I want a good chuckle I will check out Top count…

  2. And by your logic, if these qualities make the sport gay wouldn’t this make American Football, Basketball and any other sport that involves contact and shorts gay aswell?


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