5 reasons why Purple tea is new Mantra for Health – Bye Bye Green Tea


Health… This has been a new Mantra of every person in this world. Healthy life style, Healthy food what not everything takes the predecessor word Health. Well, to attain some desired things it is eminent that sometimes you have to give up something – applying this proverb there have been and has been a massive change in the diet quotients and also in the habits. There came some fat burners and one of the most popular in the list is Green Tea. Say because of the presence of free radicals or antioxidants, in no time Green tea has replaced the traditional tea in many places. Especially in those house where the health is a main thing. So it is clear that the free radicals and anti- oxidants will help to reduce the fat and also help to attain the glow in the skin. Well, if that is the case, then you have to know about the purple tea which is rich in Free radicals and Antioxidants. The Purple tea is being cultivated in the volcanic soils of Kenya and after many experiments and much Research the Kenya Tea Development Authority has started to export the Purple tea. The results after drinking this tea can be seen in 2 weeks and currently this is the talk of the town. So here are those 5 things you should know about purple tea if you are health conscious.

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1)     Good Digestion and Fast Metabolism.

Purple tea helps to in good digestion and also increase the fast metabolism. This will eventually help you put down the weight and also to shed away some toxins in your body.


2)    Anti-ageing Benefits

The purple tea has best benefits. It has natural Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids which will act as Anti-ageing benefits. The research results states that if one consumes two cups of Purple tea daily, the wrinkles and hardness of the skin can be reduced by 55% in accordance to age.


3)    Helps even out the skin tone

The natural antioxidants will remove the unnecessary melanin in the skin and will even out the skin tone of the body. Lot of research is going on to use the purple tea as one of the medicine in the cure of Skin Cancer.


4)    Free Radical Scavengers

Purple tea has an enzyme named Superoxide Dismutase which acts an antioxidant and generates the free radicals in the body which acts as scavengers. These free radicals will clean up the body and will save the body from unnecessary foreign particles which could destroy the immune system.

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5)    Prevention in Hair fall

Research suggests that a regular usage of Purple tea will reduce the rate of Hair fall by 6-9% and also helps the scalp to build up new hair buds. Surprisingly the purple tea can also be used as a topical solution to prevent the hair loss by those people who hates the tea taste.


The above mentioned benefits were few but in sense there were many other benefits that one can get by drinking the Purple tea. The purple tea can also help to rejuvenate the skins glow just by applying it face. Research suggests that applying the brewed green tea which was mixed with few drops of lemon to skin will help the skin bright and glow. So, what are you waiting for, grab a cup of purple tea and stay healthy.