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5 Reasons how a Nose Ring can Improve Your Look


Nose piercing is just like any other type of body piercing or body modification. Nose piercing has many pros than cons and is basically done in accordance to new fashion trends but is also beneficial for your health. It is commonly popular in India, Pakistan, and African states but now has widely spread among other parts of the world and has become the trendiest jewellery among all.  This jewellery plays a significant role in women’s lives as it enhances the personality and highlights the facial feature therefore, giving a different look to an individual.


Here’s the 5 reason of how a nose ring can improve your look:


  • Beaded Nose Rings :


If one has a long face then beaded or studded nose ring will enhance the edgy feature of the face and will make it look less long but drawing the attention upwards, this will change the overall look of the face. Diamond nose pin with price is best suited for a small face with a one diamond nose pin which will give a sweet and simple look.



  • Subtle Look :


Gold nose pins are the best for the people who are new to piercing and wanted a simple and subtle design which makes it easier for the person to carry such stuff on their face. This jewellery gives you an indistinct look and will help you to cope up with the new change on your face.



  • Wider Facial Feature :


People having wider nostrils often have a misconception that piercing would make it look weirder but it is a myth. On a contrary, nose piercing makes that wide nose looks narrower and the best-suited piercing for this facial feature is Septum piercing, where the gaps between the nostrils are filled with the ring and thus makes it look smaller. Even the people who have broad forehead can wear big nathani which draw off the focus from those foreheads makes the face look smaller and elegant.



  • Cultural Customs :


Indians have a custom of wearing nose ring in their wedding and it plays a vital role among all other jewellery and it is believed to be the symbol or significance of married women and they won’t remove it until their husband’s death. This is all about belief but the main part of this jewellery is that enhances the look of an Indian bride and takes it to a whole new level.



  • Makes face slim :


People having an oval face with bulky facial features want to have something which makes them look slim and it can only be achieved through half-beaded nose ring designs that help your face look slim and narrower.

Nose rings make you look quite different and makes you stylish and trendy but it is also very important to choose the right metal for your jewellery that suits your skin type, otherwise if it results in infection it will cause keloids which will be a black spot on your beauty and then nose ring will destroy the look. So it’s better to be careful with the metal and is also important to clean your piercing and jewellery at regular intervals.



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