5 reasons you don’t like watching cricket with your girlfriend


Often it has been said that watching and enjoying cricket is a boy’s thing. There are many boys who face this trouble of choosing in between their favorite cricket and their girlfriend. The problem increases to the next level when you get married and your wife stays with you under the same roof. Often you have to compromise over your match so that your wife can enjoy her television shows. Now of course no one will like a sad face in the house around, so husbands often try to balance in between their wives and cricket.

But now there are a number of girls who are interested in watching cricket matches. There are many houses where the whole family including women sit and enjoy cricket, the way they can do in a cricket field. But still it is said that boys do not enjoy the company of their girlfriend much while watching cricket. Though there are no such specific reasons for the same but a few reasons you don’t like watching cricket with your girlfriend can be sorted out as the under mentioned.


Difference in thinking


It is seen that normally when you are watching your favorite game with your friends and your buddies, you enjoy more. This is because your thinking is almost similar to your friend’s thinking. When you are watching match with your friends, you talk less, cheer more and thus the enjoyment continues. But it is the habit of girls to comment something or the other over a situation. If a player gets out, or if it is wide ball or any such incident, it may happen that your girlfriend may speak out something that may seem irritating to you.

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This may either spoil your mood or you may land up slowly into an argument. Ultimately the charm and enjoyment of watching the game is spoiled and it may happen that your girlfriend may leave the place and you watch the whole game alone.

Cheer girls


One of the main attractions why people come to the cricket ground to watch cricket matches are the cheer girls. Obviously everyone cannot come to the ground to watch the match, hence now the presence of cheer girls are now also displayed on television. When you are watching the match with your friends, you are free to speak out almost everything, especially about the cheer girls. But the same thing does not happen when you are watching the match with your girlfriend.

There are a number of things that you have to think before speaking out. If somehow you say something about the cheer girls, there are maximum chances that your girlfriend will feel bad about it and also may start an argument over it.

Have to be disciplined

Man siting uncomfortable watching cricket with his girlfriend

You call your friends at home, order a pizza, bring in your favorite drinks and can enjoy the match whole evening. While watching the match you are least bothered about where the drink is getting spilled, or where are you throwing the pizza boxes. Afterwards you of course have to clean it but during the match the important thing that is there in your mind is just to enjoy.

But do you really think this can happen when you are watching the match with your girlfriend or your wife? Just dare to throw a chocolate wrapper on the floor and see how the quarrel starts over it, ultimately spoiling the whole mood of watching match. When you are watching match with your friends, you do not care about anything else and you are altogether it some other world. But you cannot do the same thing with your girl. She remembers every small thing and will ping you for it every time in between the match. If you deny of doing those things such as giving a call to someone or anything else, then of course she will also not let you see the game.

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You love crowd

People go to the grounds to watch matches, because they love to cheer up along with the crowd. Watching cricket matches with a crowd is actually an enjoyment. Even if you are not going to the ground, you will seriously love to bring in your friends at your home and enjoy the match. But obviously, when you are watching a match with your girlfriend, you have to compromise on this part.

Your girlfriend would like to see the cricket match with you but in privacy. There are at maximum times when your girlfriend does not like your friends. Now of course you will not invite your friends in your house to watch match with you when your girlfriend is around because she does not like it. But what is the point? Ultimately you will get bored because you cannot cheer, you cannot mess around and you cannot enjoy the way you would have done with your friends.

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You are forced to pamper her

Now this is the most pathetic situation that can ever happen. Girls have a habit to seek your full attention when you are around her. If your attention is diverted to somewhere else, then they will try to attract you and if you do not get attracted, then again a huge heated argument may start up. The balance between enjoying the match and also giving your full attention to her can be simply impossible.

Some of the obvious questions that may arise are: Do you enjoy cricket more than me? Am I lesser important to you? Etc. Listening to these questions obviously you will get irritated but you do not have any other option apart from pampering her so that she can regain her mood back.

These are some of the very general situations that take place when you are watching cricket with your girlfriend. But also there are couples, in which girls are very much understanding about their boyfriend’s love for cricket. Also there are many boys who are able to handle such situations and hence can manage them. Obviously, the third types are also there who lie to their girlfriends so that they can enjoy cricket matches with their friends.