5 Most Racist States in India


The unequal distribution of rights among people of various races is defined as racism. It is a kind of prejudice where a particular race is seen as superior to others. This thing can also result in employment discrimination.


The first most racist state in India is Maharashtra. People consider others as their enemies. There is no sign of love generated among people there. For getting jobs, when people go for interviews, the interviewer first asks the person who came for an interview whether he is Hindu or Muslim. If Hindu is there, then the job is final, but if the person turns out Muslim, the job will be quitted. The hatred, distinguishing among others is creating explosions. Most racist states can be known from The Internet. Most racist states can be known from phones.

Most Racist States in India


The second most racist state in India is West Bengal. Politics is taking the lives of people, and that is what the politicians of this state are expecting. The education system is not uplifted. The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. Murdering, killing, raping women, small girls are taking place. Most racist states can be known from journals which are covering the topic racism. Children are not able to study properly because of, poor financial conditions. In the name of the color, creed, people are insulted, rejected from jobs.

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The third racist state in India is Punjab. Most racist states can be known from a newspaper which is talking about racism in detail. In Punjab, many of the people are Muslim, the majority of them are Sikhs. So there is a terrible fight always taking place between Muslims and Sikhs. The Pathankot attack is because of color, creed, and unhappiness among human beings. Sometimes because of face expression, people comment something unethical which can hurt religion and no respect will be developed for religion, caste, and creed.



The fourth racist state in India is Assam. Most racist states can be known from the news reporters who are handling sections of news every day. Most racist states can be known from politicians who are dealing with racism in a wrong way. The duty of every politician is to think about how the whole world thinking can be changed into a positive attitude, and everybody will be benefitted in life, rather than employing negative attitudes among people. What is the main reason behind the attack which took place in Assam? The pattern of living has to be changed.

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The fifth racist state in India is Sikkim. Most racist states can be known from magazines which are covering the information and the layout of the racist states. Law of unity has been demolished into Law of hatred. Discrimination among religion, caste is taking place. In Sikkim, discrimination of employment and racial bias is taking place which is hampering the lives of people.


  • Love everybody
  • Stop hatred

Happy Living!!