5 Pros and Cons of Eating Avocados


A few years back avocado was held as a not so beneficial fruit and hence was considered to be something that should not be consumed much. But now after much research, this misconception has been cleared and now a number of health benefits have been noticed about the fruit again. It cannot be denied that the fruit has a number of such health benefits that cannot be compared with any other fruits or vegetables. This is the reason, now after so much time again it has reached a good level at the nutritional chart.

At present, you will be surprised to know a number of pros that avocado has to offer for your health.

Pros of Avocados

Vitamins and Minerals

The fruit is just not a winner in taste but also a great winner in nutrients. It is said that it contains as many as 20 numbers of vitamins and minerals including different types of vitamin B, phosphorus, and many others. Apart from the 20 types of vitamins and minerals it also contains phytonutrients and folic acid that is also an important element that is needed for your body to be fit and healthy. Also, the fruit is high in fiber that helps you in keeping your digestion in proper shape. As per many health experts if your digestion is okay then a maximum of the system in your body is in proper condition.

Blood pressure

The vitamins, minerals, and acids in the fruit are a great way to keep your blood pressure under control. People who have a habit of consuming too much tea or coffee in a day, or have a very unhealthy lifestyle can often suffer from high or low blood pressure. Avocado is an effective way to control such blood pressure and to keep it in normal condition.

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Keeps your heart healthy

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats that are responsible for the growth of good cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol in the body. The LDL cholesterol is responsible for various heart issues and thus, avocados are thus considered to be the best remedy for a healthy heart. Also according to some researchers, avocados also help in reducing the already existing LDL cholesterol in the body. When an individual actually consumes avocados, it is considered that LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and some harmful fatty acids in the blood are reduced by 22%.

Sugar level

Avocados are low in glycemic index, and when an individual consumes it, they also consume a high level of fructose that does not allow the sugar levels in the blood to increase. People, who are having problems with high sugar concentration in blood, can consume this fruit as filler. Though sugar patients are warned of any kind of fruit, it is guaranteed that they can have this particular fruit without any problem.


Avocado consists of an element known as Lutein that is effective in reducing inflammation in your body. It has been researched and stated that the first stage of any cancer is inflammation and hence, an avocado a day can restrain you away from cancer. Also, if you notice any kind of inflammation in your body, you can start having this fruit to cure it on time.

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Though it has been proven now that Avocados have a number of health benefits but still it has been stated that there are a number of cons also.

Cons of Avocados

High-fat content

Avocados contain a number of healthy fats, but fats are after all fats. One avocado contains almost 29 grams of fat that makes about 300 calories. So, if you are having one avocado a day then there will be a number of other things that you have to cut down to keep your calorie intake in balance. So, it is better to add just 2-3 slices of avocado in your daily diet. No doubt, the careless consumption of this tasty fruit will increase the fat amount in your body making your clumsy and obese at a time.


No doubt a fruit with so many benefits has to be a bit expensive. Avocados are quite expensive in comparison to other fruits in the market. It may cost you about 2-3 dollars per piece. In this amount, you may get a dozen bananas, a few pounds of apples or even a good amount of grapes. Thus, this is quite normal that all the households are not able to afford the consumption of avocados. To include this healthy fruit in your diet, you have to surely a good amount of dollars from your pocket.

Stress on liver

People who are suffering from various issues of the liver, this fruit can be dangerous for them. Avocado encourages the formation of collagen in the blood that in return affects the liver badly because it may cause fibrosis development. Hence, it is always good to take avocado in a lesser quantity even of normal individuals and of course it is a strict no for people who are having problems related to their liver.  

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Not good for breastfeeding mothers

It has been noticed that mainly avocados are eaten by people before they are fully ripe. This leads to a number of health issues, especially in breastfeeding mothers. It may cause a reduction in milk production that can cause some problems to the heart. Also, it affects the liver that causes the body to function abnormally that can again cause a number of heart-related issues.

Allergic for many

Avocados contain an enzyme known as ‘chitinase’. This is a similar enzyme that is also found in latex and hence people who are allergic to latex are also allergic to avocado. Also, many people who are even not allergic to latex may become allergic to avocado for some other reasons. These allergies can create a problem later and cause a number of diseases.

Thus, it can be seen that like many other things, avocados also have both pros and cons. Hence, it is very important to consume avocados with proper care so that no issues can arise on its consumption.