5 points that explains US-Iran Nuclear Deal!


US hegemony has no leaps and bounds. When Americans want something to happen or to stop, the orders have to be executed at any cost, by successful diplomacy or ruthless sanctions. Now these decisions are helpful as well as crude. One such example is the US-Iran Nuclear Deal. However, this deal should be looked at differently. It is something that accelerates and guarantees peace keeping throughout the globe, through nuclear disarmament of Iran. Thereafter ends the economic sanctions imposed on Iran crippling the nation’s financial conditions. To make those technical terminologies and negotiations simple to understand, here are few points explaining what exactly are the world’s most important diplomats talking about.





1. Centrifuges: Uranium and Plutonium are those two deadly elements that make up radioactive materials. The whole deal surrounds the ability of Iran to make up atomic weapons using these materials where the manufacturing is said to begin with uranium in their case. A process of enrichment is used to augment concentrations of uranium U-235 by centrifuges. Iran had developed it by 20 per cent and has about 20,000 centrifuges. It could further be used in fuel reactors to make bombs.

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Now, Iran has to give up enriching more, use only the first generation centrifuges, 2060 at Natanz facility and 1000 at the Fordow plant according to the deal that too for non-fissile research only. Furthermore, Iran agreed to limit the enrichment to 3.7 per cent.

2. Plutonium: Iran was previously constructing a nuclear reactor at Arak where U-235 will be converted to Plutonium Pu-239. According to the agreement, this reactor has to be made defunct although it shall remain at its place. The spent fuel will be deported out of the country and additional heavy reactors will not be built for 15 more years.


3. Stockpile: Iran will decrease its uranium stockpile from 10000 to 200 kilograms which seriously means a whopping 97 per cent. This clearly implies that the entire world gets time to catch up and there is no immediate bomb threat.


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4. Sanctions: What does Iran get in return of such nuclear weakening? Well, the simple answer is lifting up of notorious economic sanctions. As Iran fulfills its commitments by October, the International Atomic Energy Agency will make proper verification post which the United States, the European Union and United Nations Security Council will remove the sanctions. To avoid any illicit violations IAEA will have investigative authorities over Iran’s uranium mills, centrifuge storage and factories. In case of suspicions, the eight member country panel (the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Iran itself) will resolve the complaint.

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5. Global Response: This deal has made headlines throughout the globe. The Gulf Cooperation Council which includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman have given in positive responses. However, Israel was unhappy with the deal. Also, the pro-Israel Republicans of US Senate were opposed to the deal on the grounds that it threatens the middle-east allies of Americans.The Iranians can use the money for proxy military operations in the region. On the other hand, Iran can now stabilize its trade relations with other countries.



There will be ramifications of this deal throughout the world, but its celebration time for the citizens of Iran for whom this deal brings a vista of economic opportunities. Hopefully the country makes progressive step towards peace and not for weapons.

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