5 Places For A Traditional Dandiya Night In Hyderabad


Hyderabad, the city of the nawabs, is noted for the dandiya nights. The religious feelings are great when you visit this city and you will relish the diversity in religious affairs that you will find here. The dandiya nights are celebrated around Navaratri and you will find absolute pleasure when you attend these places. When you are in Hyderabad, you can hardly afford to miss out the following places which are famous for the dandiya nights. Here are ten places which you should visit to enjoy Dandiya Night In Hyderabad & the festive mood of true serenity.

  • Simpolo Navratri Utsav 2015 at KJR Gardens 

     Surely enough, you will lament if you miss out this programme. This tops the list of dandiya events in Hyderabad and the charm of the event is really awesome. If you are passing by Hyderabad or live close to the place, you scan surely pay a visit to the place. Apart from this, tourists from different parts of the country flock here to see the grand event. After all, religion is a great aspect in India and this festival is celebrated with utmost fervour. The festive mood is enhanced with the music that is played here. There are orchestra and bands that will really give you a great ambience to relish the beauty of the place.

  • MallikaGardens,ShamshabadMallikaGardens-Shamshabad-0011

     This is another great place that you will not be able to miss out. The programme includes a lot of celebrities and this is going to boost up the urge to visit the place. The scheduled time of the event is between 9 pm and 11:30 pm and these few hours are going to be a lot of excitement. The people will have a good time with the TV celebrities and this too will be a nice happening. The hours are loaded with a lot of excitement. The closeness to the popular celebrities and figures who are often spoken about will deliver a feeling of grandness to the people. The most important part of the story is that there are a lot of prizes and gifts to be taken away. So, brace up for a happening night and make sure that you do not miss out the grand festival. There are a lot of expectations from the event and the people will really enjoy the event, apart from the religious feeling.

  • DiscoDandiyamaxresdefault

    Well, when you think of a perfect blend of tradition and religious feelings, count on this place for a matching mood. The disco beats will blow your mind while you perform the popular dance forms. The most important aspect is that DJ Rink and Piyush Bajaj will be present there to light up the event with excitement. Here is the ideal opportunity to get in touch with your favourite musical personalities and enjoy a good time Apart from the festive mood, you will also enjoy a good sense of entertainment. The music needs good dance with the sticks and one needs to follow the new trend of music make the best. Apart from the music, the mood is all that will get you going. This is a relatively new idea and the younger generation is all set to enjoy the essence of the programme. So, on the night of Navaratri, you have a perfect place to visit. All you need to do is to plan and proceed so that you can make the best of the time.


    When you want a perfect evening on the eve of Navaratri, visit this place. This is another musical evening that you will like worth visiting. DJ Kim is to set the crowd on the right mood with the perfect music. The event is timed between 8 pm and 11 pm. This will really set the people in a good mood. The right festive essence is achieved when the people can enjoy their hearts out. So, you will be able to make the most in case you are able to visit the place. The music lovers crowd in such events, and even if you are not one of them, still it is worth visiting. This is not merely an event. This is an experience that you need to remember. The events are pre-planned and well executed, so, you can hardly afford to be late. Apart from the lights and sound, you will enjoy the traditional touch of dandiya when you visit the place. All these will make the evening happening and you can always fancy a dream event with your friend if you visit this place.

  • Dussehra Hungama at Ramoji Film CityDussehra-t_t

    A ten-day event on the occasion of Dusserah is on the cards in case you visit this place. This is really a mega event and one of the biggest gifts that the festive season brings you. This year the schedule was planned for October 15 and 25, and these ten days were really a span of great fun for the people. At the end of the festive season, you will not lament for a great deal of excitement and fun that had boosted up the spirits. There is a lot of music and the traditional dance form of dandiya is all set to get you right into the mood. Some of the television celebrities also make their presence and the evenings are marked with excitement and the festive mood is absolute bliss to the people.

All these sum up to the great excitement that is on cards on the grand festival. The events are managed with absolute ease and one would not lament for spending the time and energy here. The grandness of the festival has no match and people really enjoy themselves when they visit any of these places. Apart from these places, there are several other venues, but if you long to spend some quality time, there are the top five destinations that you can visit. The festive mood is rightly achieved through enjoyment and traditional dance, and people enjoy themselves in true serenity.