5 Places To Travel Before You Have Kids


Those little kiddos are fantastic. They keep you busy, offer tons of affection and make the heart burst with joy. 

Traveling with young ones, though, isn’t always the best experience, and it at least changes how couples go and even where they may want to head. 

With that in mind, take advantage of those child-free years to explore the world, seeking out places that maybe aren’t as kid-friendly. Make a bucket list of locations you have dreamed about for years, noting why you cherish the thought of visiting and what it would offer to your experience. The following are five locations to consider as they provide ample adult time and could be more fun without a stroller in tow.

  1. Alaska

The frigid country of Alaska offers gorgeous scenes of pure nature, many of which you could see up close on your vacation. Head off for a week or two, checking out territory hard to find anywhere else in the United States. Why without the kids? Well, they could go, but you’re likely to do a lot of walking and hiking. Without them, you can head off without worrying about snacks or naptime. 

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What places in Alaska work well for adults? The state boasts plenty to see. Dine on fresh seafood for days, and then head out to see the national parks, fjords and glaciers. You could even go whale watching for a morning or afternoon.

  1. Caribbean

Several adult-only hotels exist within the Caribbean islands, allowing people to chill out on the beach and dine without worrying about fussing or crying. The area hosts bountiful, white beaches where you can relax for the day in chairs. Go snorkeling or surfing in the ocean, or head out on an excursion on dry land.

Look for inclusive programs that permit you to pay upfront for drinks and food, so you have it paid for before heading out. Then, you can tag on activities when you arrive.

  1. Key West

At the very southern tip of Florida is Key West, a city infamous for adult leisure. Visitors enjoy delectable food, clear blue waters and plenty of Florida history. Check out Ernest’s Hemingways’ home, watch butterflies, take up a ghost tour or learn of the city’s famous historical visitors. In addition, the town offers a busy nightlife scene full of shows and beverages. 

  1. Vegas
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Sin City, as it is known, could be more fun without your tiny tribe. Children don’t want to sit on the sideline watching their parents’ joy, and Vegas has many things that are probably left to a mature crowd. Yes, you could take them to the Grand Canyon, but there is less stress without them–you won’t think about holding them back from the edge. Instead, relax and enjoy the scene yourself.

Adults can traverse through the town, full of bright lights, casinos and evening entertainment. Take in a burlesque show, race a car on the speedway and plan for some comedy shows that keep you rolling throughout the night.

5. French Riviera

Go to Europe, soaking in the culture. The French Riveria is a popular location for people to go and relish in the waterways and mountains. Stop in Monaco, enjoying one of the notable beachfront resorts. Throughout the region, see the Alps and check out the sailboats.

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Dive into luxury and Hollywood Esque life for just a bit by heading to The Glitz and Glass in St. Tropez. Many films have been made in this area, so you can see where the stars have been. In addition, the spot is frequently enjoyed because the city comes to life at night, hosting parties. You could also hire a short cruise along the waterway here too.

Many couples think they’ll still be able to travel once they start the family. That could be true, but it does get a lot harder to find the time and money for it to happen. Take advantage of the kid-free era to go somewhere you desire because you can. Make memorable moments now and then share them with your children, hoping to take them when they’re older themselves. Life happens now, so embrace time and opportunity.