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5 perks of having your best friend as your girlfriend


Friends are the most important part of one’s life.The way a person needs his family in his life,he also needs a group of friends with whom he can share the problems that he can’t share with his family.But their are some friends who eventually become your best friends.A person can share even the most awkward things with their best friends.A guy shares most of his feelings and thoughts with his girl best friend.She has the ability to understand his feelings thoroughly and knows how to support him in his bad times.But a person also needs a partner in his life with whom he can share the thoughts that he can’t even share with his best friend.A partner brings the sense of maturity in a person and both support each other in their good and bad times.But,nowadays most of the relationships are not the same as they used to be.Today,most of the relationships are becoming formal conversations.People are hiding their feelings from their partners,some even cheat etc. such things are changing the definition of love and relationships.A person’s perception towards love and relationships is changing gradually.Men are becoming more and more formal in front of their girlfriends instead of being informal.What if a man gets in relationship with his best friend?Will he have happier time being in relationship with his best friend than being in relationship with some other girl?Everyone has a different answer to this question as they have different perceptions regarding this.But,here are 5 perks of having your best friend as your girlfriend:-

1.You don’t need to address her formally 

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Guys address their girlfriends very formally.They become very gentle and humble when they are with their girlfriends.But this is not the way they actually are in most of the cases.Everyone is informal with their friends especially best friends.This is the best part of being in a relationship with your best friend.If you are in a relationship with your best friend then,you don’t need to address her in a formal manner.You are free to call her whatever you want to call her and she will not feel bad about that.

2.Both of you have the ability to understand each other very well

Understanding each other is the most important part of a relationship.A relationship without understanding and trust is good for nothing.A person is best understood by his friends (particularly best friends).So,if a person can have the same understanding in his relationship then that will the biggest achievement in his life.When two best friends are in a relationship with each other,then the level of trust and understanding is very high.They both can easily  understand what the other person needs.They can even understand their partner’s feelings without the partner’s actually telling them.This may lead to one of the best relationship and not only the guy but even the girl will  stay happy forever.

3.You can also live your “mad moments” with her

A man lives his funniest moments with his best friends.There are a few things that only his best friends know about him and few moments that he can only live with his friends.Somewhere,he has a regret that he is unable to live those moments along with his girlfriend.But,if a man is in relationship with his best friend then he can live those moments with her and both can see the craziest side of each other.Enjoying the craziest moments of your life with your best friends and girlfriend together is the best moment  in a man’s life.

4.She knows that you don’t have enough money and is ready to share the bills or even spend money on you

In most of the relationships,the guy is seen spending money on his girlfriend most of the times.Even if he is out of money he borrows it from his friends and spends on his girlfriend.But,a man does not need to hide this fact from his best friends and sometimes he can ask for money from them.If a best friend becomes his girlfriend then obviously he would not have to hide the fact that he is out of money.When a guy is in relationship with his best friend,he can share the bills with her without any shame and sometimes may ask her to pay even the entire bills.What else is needed in life?

5.You don’t need to impress her siblings,cousins and friends

One of the toughest job before getting into a relationship is that a guy has to impress the siblings,cousins and friends of the girl.He has to tolerate her annoying siblings and cousins.But,if a man is in relationship with his best friend then surely one can skip this job.A guy can even complain his girlfriend turned best friend about the annoying nature of her siblings and instead of being angry she will rather laugh after hearing that and that laughter will surely make your day.




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